The colossal heads are distinctive features of the Olmec civilization of ancient ...

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... Mesoamerica. Material: Basalt Height: 2.7m Weight: 25 - 50 tons.

Las cabezas colosales son rasgos distintivos de la civilización olmeca de la antigua Mesoamérica.​
Material: Basalto
Altura: 2.7 m
Peso: 25 - 50 toneladas.


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Ever wondered how did they do it? How do they were able to build those megalitic monuments? Fascinating indeed.

The construction of these colossal heads were made with carving tools with other very fine stones, to see them in person is impressive, it is a part that I like very much of being an anthropologist, Greetings!

That's amazing! Thank you. History, Archeology, Anthropology, Geology & Etymology are the unity of my first love. Do you know about the Vinca civilization that bloomed in Balcan Penninsula during the Neolithic age? I'm planning to write a post on Steemit about that and to share it with you and your colleague miss @jackelinlopez in hope that I would get to read your professional opinion about it. Saludos desde el viejo continente :)

The importance of the Vinca culture is the first step in the development of metallurgy, of this type of very ancient human groups, mythology calls my attention very much, because it is in this way that we can trace how human thought has developed.
I will be happy to read your article.
Greetings from the New World!

Seeing it so close is very impressive!!!

Yes, is impressive🙋🏻‍♀️

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