Apple devices crashing due to a Telugu language character!

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Hello Steemians,
News coming from various media tells that there is a peculiar bug in latest iOS, macOS, and watchOS updates which causes the Apple devices to crash. There is a character from Talugu language which, when rendered in any application, causes that application to crash. In extreme cases, it can cause the devices to trap in a reboot cycle and prevent it from starting up. It is a serious problem for people who are a part of the Apple ecosystem and Apple is saying that they are going to fix this issue as soon as possible. Apple has also told that this issue has been fixed in the latest beta updates. You can read more about this story here -


While Apple is trying to solve this issue as soon as possible, I would suggest you guys to take precautionary steps and backup your devices as soon as possible. If you are going to make a backup of your device on a MacBook then you should temporarily switch off the handoff feature so that you don't receive the messages on your MacBook. And update your devices as soon as the latest update comes out.

Till then, Backup your devices.
Stay Safe.


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