I feel you

in #appreciator3 years ago (edited)

I have dreamed that in the night you persecute me, with a bouquet of rue in your hands and the aroma of incense in your lean body, that of wasps you cover your mouth, and your dry hair covers your voluptuous buttocks.

I see you and try to escape from your cadaverous hands, but when I turn around I only see the footprints you left on the black mud; Suddenly I feel your hands on my chest and then your belly on mine as my eyes darken as I also feel a chill.

I feel that I die in another instant, you have stolen my breath in a sigh, you give me a pleasure that at the same time murders me and revives me, I can feel your breasts, I can touch your naked body on mine, but I cannot see the face that I have loved and that I have lost...