The Best Mobile Hive Experience On Dapplr App Beta

in #apps3 years ago

This app gives in my opinion a big thing that has been a bit missing. Hive should be more accessible from mobile and Dapplr is a great step in that direction.

Well there is also the Ecency app, but this Dappler app feels much more easy and intuitive to use, maybe it's just my taste. There is even the double tap to vote. 👍

This is a bit more like instagram but even more functionality. Theres most of the options and things available that are on the desktop version. Some more screenshots from the app and what you can do there.

There might still be some bugs as it is a beta but I made this post from the app and if you're reading this then it worked.

And it has a beautiful design also and freedom to choose your own theme colors. This is what a good mobile app should look and feel like. I will be using it more from now on.

There is even a referring system built in. Good one!

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