Invennium Corporation announces the creation and launch of Arcade Colony and Moon Karts

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Invennium Corporation

The Invennium Corporation, a 100% subsidiary of Splinterlands, is thrilled to unveil its new gaming platform, Arcade Colony, accompanied by the launch of its inaugural game, Moon Karts!

Arcade Colony:
The Invennium Corporation currently operates Genesis League Sports (GLS), a platform for sports games and hosts the first game on the platform “Goals” in partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association. Invennium is forking parts of the Genesis League Sports Platform to build a platform for arcade and video games (exclusive of sports games, which will continue to develop and deploy on the Genesis League Sports platform). This new platform is called Arcade Colony.

Arcade Colony will have its own token economy. The ecosystem includes a product-backed stable coin named SCRIPT and a governance token named COLONY. Initial token distribution based on ownership of GLX and GLUSD on the Genesis League Sports platform (as well as staked tokens in liquidity pools) is partially described below and more details can be found in the White Paper.

Web2 Upgrades to Web3:
Arcade Colony stands out with its capability to convert traditional Web2 games, developed using engines like Unity, into Web3 games.

​​Arcade Colony presents Web2 game publishers with the opportunity to join the Arcade Colony platform via a low effort augmentation of their Web2 game into a Web3 game with full integration of NFT store fronts, a marketplace, fungible rewards, governance, NFT integration, account management, and more. Furthermore, Arcade Colony affords publishers the exposure to a substantial gaming audience by leveraging the Arcade Colony community, along with access to the Genesis League Sports and Splinterlands communities, which all operate on top of the Hive Blockchain using the same accounts to login and play across all games.

This is a boon to the Hive ecosystem as games played and transactions made require Hive accounts, resource credits, and thus staked Hive as well. That said, the blockchain requirements can be made to appear invisible to new players via Hive delegations provided by game publishers on behalf of new gamers. Additionally, Hive Resource Credit delegation is possible so new players to blockchain gaming do not need to be blockchain experts to get started.

Moon Karts – The First Game:
The inaugural game on Arcade Colony is "Moon Karts," a Web3 play-to-earn kart racing game built with the Unity Engine. Players can purchase packs to collect drivers, karts, and accessories, which enables them to compete in multiplayer races. Moon Karts introduces an innovative earning system through leaderboards, skill-based rankings, in-race coin collection, and a referral program. The game allows up to six players to race at a time. On the track are coins, which if collected can earn token based rewards, but be careful! Your opponents have the ability to shoot your vehicle to slow you down, knock you off course, and empty your kart of precious coins you hope to earn. Will you make it to the Moon or will you be sidelined and lose your rewards?
Players purchase and collect NFTs, upgrade them through combining them, and increase stats like health, speed, handling, and coin storage capacity. As you increase the quality of your card collection you have the ability to earn more COLONY tokens as well as advance in ranked play for honor and fame!
The Moon Karts game has been in development for nearly a year and the initial game loop is already functioning. Work needs to be completed after the Arcade Colony platform is stood up to connect in-game assets to blockchain assets, but the game is already playable and a demonstration of the game will be on display in the GLS discord at 1pm eastern on Friday February 2nd, 2024. Further, at the time of launch the game is expected to function within a standard IOS and Android mobile application, and we aim to have Moon Karts as downloadable apps in both stores. Please expect some turbulence with the app stores as they do not tend to be friendly towards crypto applications.

Alpha Centauri - The first NFT pack sale

Moon Karts will be offering 500k packs for sale with an initial pre-sale starting at the time of launch (end of February 2024). 50k packs are available in a pre-sale where players are able to snag a short term, exclusive, promotional card, a legendary Kart Driver, which will NOT be accessible in packs later. Further, the top 4 purchasers of packs in the pre-sale will be able to add flavor and influence details regarding Drivers which will be airdropped during the main sale. Packs contain 5 cards and a pack will cost $5 or 5 SCRIPT with 50% of proceeds going to the Arcade Colony DAO (delivered to the DAO primary in SCRIPT). Players may additionally choose to stake cards and to receive NFTs of highly skilled drivers, which will be accessible in packs after the airdrop has occurred. There will be four airdrops, which are unlocked every 100k sold for the first 400k packs sold (1 promo card and 4 airdrop cards total). Any unsold packs will be burned in the first game update following December 31, 2024. 200k packs will be available as rewards for playing Moon Karts through approximately the end of 2024. 50k packs will be available to Invennium to use as a promotional tool. Players can increase their odds of higher quality cards by purchasing “Gold Flux” to increase the chance of gold foil NFTS and “Dynamic Flux” to increase the chance of Legendary cards.

Partnership with Salvay:
Invennium is proud to announce a dynamic collaboration with Salvay, a cutting-edge web3-native game studio and software agency, for the development of Moon Karts. Salvay excels in innovative game development, captivating game art, web & blockchain development, and more. The success of our collaboration lays the foundation for ongoing joint efforts, not only in further enhancing Moon Karts but also in the exciting prospect of co-developing future games together.

Arcade Colony Discord:
Join the official Arcade Colony Discord. After the first social event in the GLS discord we will starting inviting people to participate in discussions around Arcade Colony in the Arcade Colony Discord.

Additionally, we're looking for people to help us get the word out about Moon Karts. We're happy to provide you with exclusive details of upcoming cards for you to share on your social media channels regarding Moon Karts content. Please contact @aggroed in Discord for share rights.

Chain Initiation:
The initial distribution of Colony and Script will be based on a snapshot of the Genesis League Sports ledger to take place at noon EST on Monday February 26th. Accounts staking GLX will receive a 1:1 account balance of Colony. Accounts holding GLUSD will receive a 1:1 account balance of Script. Accounts staking GLS tokens in liquidity pools hosted on will receive a 2:1 balance of Colony/Script for every GLX/GLUSD held in a liquidity pool (see the Arcade Colony white paper for more explicit details and exceptions).

Furthermore, as per the whitepaper, there is an airdrop for Splinterlands and GLS token holders and accounts that stake SPS and GLX over time will be airdropped Colony tokens after the initial distribution.

At initiation there is no consideration for holding GLGT, packs, or Node Licenses associated with the GLS ecosystem.

Only tokens that are staked and not in the process of being unstaked will be considered for the airdrop.

Warning: Any players/accounts that abuse and manipulate the GLX -> GLUSD oracle mechanism will be placed on a blacklist and ineligible for fork or airdropped coins. This is up to the sole discretion of Invennium Corp.

Open Invitation
The first open discussion of the Arcade Colony ecosystem will be held in the Genesis League Sports Discord at 1pm eastern on Friday February 2nd. Please join us as we plan to review the white paper and demonstrate the Moon Karts game in its present form.

Invennium Roadmap:
Arcade Colony, originating from the same codebase as Genesis League Sports, aims to have the website, tokens, and ecosystem live late February. Moon Karts is set for presale at the same time as the launch of Arcade Colony, with the game expected to be playable with rewards in March/April. The initial pack sale of Moon Karts will be limited to 500k packs for the first year through December of 2024.

The Invennium team is committed to advancing the Genesis League Goals (GLG). Throughout Q1 2024, GLG feature releases will encompass various improvements, balancing updates, and the introduction of a challenge mode.

Enhancements to both GLS and the Arcade Colony platform will include the integration of new payment providers, a streamlined single-sign-on experience, and a centralized user account administration for all Invennium platforms.

Community Engagement:
To learn more about Arcade Colony tokens, refer to the white paper here. Watch the MoonKarts trailer here and find official blogs at Arcade Colony and MoonKarts.

Arcade Colony Whitepaper -
Moon Karts Whitepaper -
Official blog-
Arcade Colony Discord -
Moon Karts Trailer -


Looking forward to this. The snip of the game looks fun, and I'm thrilled we are reaching out to the world with various types of games. Good work!

@zakludick check this out.

wow I love this news. the more uses there will be in this hive ecosystem. 😁

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[@PowerPaul:] Sounds awesome! Earned a tiny boost from my side. I am looking forward to play, damn!

sounds very exciting

Awesome! Will buy some packs i think this will be very cool to play! Mobile App is also nice !


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I hope the games would do better than GLS. Good luck, guys!

This is just amazing and i am very excited to enjoy this! wow!

Epic Store games is Blockchain friendly atm they have listed a few crypto games. just a thought for another listing.

Another great project on Hive!

@tipu curate

Sounds epic!

sounds very exciting, GL

Looks good! So excited for this!
I'm wondering if Arcade colony could build a Tower Defense game similar to what was being developed for Splinterlands, and we could migrate the SoulKeep packs from SL to the AC ecosystem?

Hey guys, I'm looking forward to this, if you need any help translating the game or the whitepaper to reach the spanish community I'd love to help.

You've been busy... :-)

That video looks amazing! Is that browser based?

Se ve increíble un proyecto como este imagino que tendrá un montón de colaboradores para desarrollar una buena variedad de juegos arcade :D

👍 👍 👍 👍

Sounds good! Make Hive great again!

Good news!

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Good luck!

Is it just me who's not a fan of the artwork and the video?

It's always good to get free tokens, I guess.

But, I sold my Genesis League tokens since they were worthless anyways. So, I will get close to nothing.

I still have 100 GMLSPA Packs and 48 cards. Anybody interested?

That said, good luck to the creators and players of this new platform.


For the right price sure

Wooo el video se muy bien.. y el juego se ve muy llamativo

From the graphics of this game, I could tell it will be mad fun!
I can’t wait for it so I can see how it is being played

Well if you were trying to get me excited, you have succeeded!


Where do elephants hide?
They paint their toenails red and hide in strawberry patches!

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Get it im ready for this a nice simple racing game i can have a team for and compete for other ppls cars lol as well as maybe make a casino or betting place in decentraland to place your bets lol

can also shoot ppl with missiles will be fun lol. may be a good way to settle disputes in spl race and blow each other up

Sweet.. I can't wait to give it a go !!