Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 2000's - Total Prize Pool: 30 STEEMs!!!

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Hey, yooooooooooo~

How are you all going? 2019 is already past its halfway mark! Have you been playing the games you had wanted to play this year? Are you clearing your gaming backlog? Are you excited about the titles that are due to come out near the Xmas period? We're all expecting something breathtaking! :D? :D???

@archdruid wrapped up our 90s contest a couple of weeks ago, and we saw another bump in our participation rate :D A spider and a dragon are both very pleased and vow not to: 1) hug you during your sleeps with spiderly legs all of them , and 2) roast you. for now.... :D We went up to 23 entries from 19 in the previous round and although that's not as big a jump as the one before that, it's still is so, so, so awesome to see that the #gaming community is growing cue the dragon tears :D

There were Steemian authors that had previously not made any #gaming articles that jumped into the fray! There were newcomers to Steemit that participated !! And of course, we have our community golden regulars forming the platform and the bulk of #gaming contents in the last contest WE HOLD THE LINE! :D !!!!

Community building is a work of a "village" not of one or two persons, so a spider and a dragon thank you all, both regulars and newcomers, for helping make #gaming a thriving tag at Steemit :)

Anyway, enough spider-yak! DO YOU ALL KNOW WHAT TIME IS IT????

It is time to launch the next round !

Gaming in the first decade of the 2K Millenium !!!

FOURTH ROUND: 2000 to 2010

  1. You are to create a post about a game from the 2000s (2000 to 2010) :D
    The first decade of this Millennium brought a bit of a change in the #gaming world. The industry was now maturing and was entering one of its first teething periods where there are definitive trends and interim 'stabilities'. This decade was primarily known as the decade of the BIG THREE (plus ONE) platforms: Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony (plus PC gaming which is the master race dragon grin ). This was also the time where High Definition gaming or AAA gaming became defined for the industry as a whole. Read more about the decade here !

  2. The post does not need to be about a game review or a video of actual gameplay!
    You can do fanart, or fanfic, or commentary piece about a game's soundtrack, or a cosplay of a character from a game that was released in the 2000s, or photography post with your collection of oldie-but-goodie games, ... you get the idea, right? MASH THEM ALL UP IN ONE POST!!! ANYTHING GOES AS LONG AS THE POST HAS A RELATION TO A GAME RELEASED SOMEWHERE IN THE 2000s! We are opening up the playfield and we welcome Steemians of various genres to come and join the @archdruid's love for gaming!

  3. Limit of 3 entries per author. As tradition tells us to

  4. If you do submit a post, please resteem this post and drop your link in the comments to be able to follow them properly :) Upvotes are not required but appreciated <3

  5. Please tag your post with #archdruid-contest if you are entering the contest :D

  6. Deadline is midnight 18 AUGUST 2019*

  7. Judging for this round is @veryspider and @elfranz !

But in the future, we will welcome guest judges so if you are interested to help this community out as a judge, let us know :D In return, we will splash you with a short feature in the contest's publication to highlight who you are as a gamer and bringing exposure to you which may invite new follows to your page :D :D :D

What were the 2000s like for gaming???

Here are a few examples of how gaming was that might inspire you but you can do whatever you want :D

Angry Birds

Don't lie..... You played it and it had saved you during boring commute hours, rrrrright??????

I salute all of you with PHD's in birb physics

Assassin's Creed

Somewhere this franchise had turned into OMG-I-MUST-COLLECT-ALL-THE-FEATHERS-AND-FLAGS for a spider. ALL OF THEM. A L L.

Sneaky sneaky stabby stabby


Large, online, multiplayer pew pew pew.

hold my magazine will I jump from this plane and fire my rocket launcher to that helicopter and land in a tank


So pretty, the underwater post-apocalyptic world * ___ * And why is this scary thing drilling into me noooo~

yeah, the drill guys were the scary part, of course

Call of Duty

The game that silly normies always blame when there is gun violence news ! Wheee !

My mom dated everyone playing this game

Deus Ex

It is spelled "DO SEX" :D Say it with me~ \o/

These are true unrealistic male body expectations

Devil May Cry

SSS Super Stylish or BUST !!!! Also, I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!

Edgy Teen Angst: The Game

Dragon Age

Oh hey, Western RPG decides to show up and be dark fantasy and all that :D

The trials for Andraste's ashes were bullshit!


This was a game in which it was kinda fun to be really, really, really bad guy in~

the ending on that first one was... yeah...

Far Cry

It is like Bear Grylls but with a lot of pew pew pew !

Blow it up until it bugs!


Apparently one of the most horrifying ways a normie can get into gaming? :O


Football Manager

This is the game that answers you for when you are watching football and everyone's not doing what they are supposed to be doing and there is constant little voice in your head screaming, "If I can make my fantasy team! IF ONLY!"

Fantasy in not only for D&D

Forza Motorsport

Vroom vrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooom ...

Hey, babe wanna see my ride? It's in my HDD

God of War

We had to go through its early iterations so we can get to Dad of Boy~


Guitar Hero

The rise of casual gaming as an actual way to have fun when friends come over * ___ *

Through Fire and Flames intesifies


BR is better than AR. Short bursts, people. A spider loves this franchise :D

stupid flood

Katamari Damacy

GENIUS. Let's roll everything up into bigger and bigger balls! With zany music! Everything is wonderful !

giggles spider said balls

Kingdom Hearts

Disney and Squeenix decided that teenagers have too much money to know what to do with and so they helped lightened the load :)

weird things happen in this game

Mass Effect

Space opera meets W-RPG and it was beautiful at first and oh, the memes! THE MEMES!

I''m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite game in the Citadel


Mine it, build it~ The wonders of blocky worlds of Minecraft~

I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole!

Mirror's Edge

A spider never played this but had always thought about it as Jet Set Radio Future meets Assassin's Creed?

running never felt so free

Monster Hunter

Apparently, very challenging AND very rewarding :D

the bigger they are, the hardest... RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN


Is this the game where THE CAKE WAS A LIE came out of???

This was a triumph

Professor Layton

Solving puzzles and being very adorable at it :)

This game tricked me into thinking and I loved it

Rock Band

The other casual title that had no right to be as fun as it is... Now the normies are playing games tooooo~

what do you mean this is not how you play rock band?

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

A spider had had to have dual wield and a spider did get dual wield and IT WAS GLORIOUS

why I feel a hole when I think of this game?

The Sims

Why is it suddenly 5 AM?????????? Oh no, one of the bars is red! I must quickly rescue my hapless Sim from red bars!!!

You normally don't play the sims but when you do you play it for a week straight

Wii Sports

Did you throw your thingy at the TV, too? Admit it, you did, right??? XD

this is how top gaming looks like

World of Warcraft

Redefining MMO and was king of an entire horrible genre ! ALL HAIL W O W !!!


The Witcher

The TV series is launching very soon, apparently.... Prepare to rant :D

If the TV Series doesn't show Gerald dying to a werewolf 5 times it will suck!

...Gosh, having done this lookbacksies, it must have been an incredible decade for gaming, hey???? :O :O :O


Alright, now that HYPE has been stoked, let's get to the juiciest bits :D

  1. First Prize (x1): 10 STEEMs
  2. Runner Ups (x2): 5 STEEMs for each winner
  3. Honorable Mentions (x5): 2 STEEMs for each winner

Total Prize Pool: 30 STEEMs

Please thank @curie for the sponsorship for this prize pool! They are the awesome~ Yesh~

We hope you will really consider joining up and sharing our love for gaming because, you see, gaming is more than just a 'silly and childish' hobby for us, it is a brand new frontier that is coming into its own form and respectability, and we hope to meet others who also want to contribute making #gaming a thriving and fun community in Steemit :D

Any questions? Please let us know in the comments below :)

Hope to see a lot of posts and entries!


Good luck! Have fun!

Signing off,
@veryspider & @elfranz


Hopefully I made it in time. It's not midnight my time yet :) I did not think I'd get anything out for this. Some amazing entry's by others as always.

Oh! Awesome! I'm totally in this time, I'll look up for an awesome game to make a review and tell any story that I can bring for it :D


would be super awesome to see ila participating <3 <3 <3

PLEASE IF ILA CAN AND HAS TIME, PLEASE PARTICIPATE! A spider would be so happy if ila participates :D :D :D

Hold on, let me inject a gallon of ADAM to my head first before I order 2 number 9s, a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda and then start writing the post.

Also, you wrote the witcher's name wrong. His name is Gary and everyone knows it.

I look forward to Rainey's entries :D :D :D !!!

(yes i put the plurals in ENTRIES) !!!!!!!!!

This contest makes me sooooo happy. :D The 2000's was full of amazing games. Some of which I still go back to and play now. I don't know which to choose. EEEEEE!

You can do a few games in a post, if you like :D :D

Please enter, @kaelci! I looooooooooooove LOVE love your gaming posts * ___ *

I'll probably do a couple more entries, but my first is of Digimon World 2!

Planning a review of each Sony Console that came out that decade.

I'm totally IN. Let's do it once again, @veryspider, @archdruid and @elfranz! :D

By the way, there is a new contest that I just launched if you (or anyone else reading this comment) are interested in participating or helping (upvote) / promoting (resteem) it... Here is the link:

It would be a very important help to me.

I'll probably do another one... one that's less of a personal essay. 😅 But, here is an entry! 😁

This is a fantastic idea for a contest and it inspired me to write about the recent movement to get Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door remastered. I have two submissions for this contest, the aforementioned article and a small animation I posted earlier based on the same game (TTYD is from 2004, so it fits this contest perfectly).

The article is here:

The little animation is here:

I've also put the contest's tag on both of them, so we should be good to go, right? Please let me know if I did this properly. :)


Thanks to @veryspider I saw this contest :3
So decided to at least take part of it by sharing a bit of my past as Video Game Modder during the 2000-2010 hehe.

Well shit, I didnt know the round was up.

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I didn't think I was going to make it, but I managed to finish my third entry in time. It's an animation of Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (very original, I know). Here it is:

So that's three entries! Good luck to everyone. :)

Hello, this is my first time participating!

You mentioned World of Wacraft and I had the urge to make something for your contest. I hope my entry isn't too long!

Here it is the link for my entry:

Good Morning!, and hello again ~ ;3c 🍓

Here is my participation for the contest...
... late again, I'm very sorry ; ; u ; ;

[This is the Spanish version]

Due to problems with electricity I could not speak properly with my translator at time. BUT I hope to publish the English version as soon as possible ! !

BTW, good luck to you all! And happy monday ☕ 💕

derpy tesmo is derpy.jpg




Vanuzza translating to the speed of...

We understand if we are disqualified for posting out of time, but we've a lot of fun and we hope you enjoy the post context and the music at least! Tons of hugs to you all! >u<)/ <3 <3 <3