Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The PRESENT - Total Prize Pool: 84 STEEMs!!!

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We are in the FINAL stage now people! We are about to fight the GAME BOSS now, people! Are y’all ready to make some Steems delicious, new, awesome #gaming articles????

For this exercise, imagine that the GAME BOSS’ HP bar can only be brought down by posts submitted to the contest!

So, LAST THURSDAY … @archdruid wrapped up our 2000s contest and there were many great articles, even MORE new authors joining the #gaming tag who had never created #gaming contents before and it was really great and wonderful ! There were insightful gaming articles, funny reviews, fanarts, …… haikus….. and even a steamy fiction !!!! OH ME OH MY !

And now, we are at the precipice of the FINAL BATTLE! Will you all let the SEMI-FINAL to be the actual and real FINAL to this saga???? OR…..


Welcome to the PRESENT DECADE era!

FIFTH and FINAL ROUND: 2010 to PRESENT TIME (future time is not included, sorry)

  1. You are to create a post about a game from the 2010s (2010 to NOW) :D
    Finally! We have arrived at the PRESENT ERA! This decade is a hot mess … ahem, another respectable continuation to the emerging subculture that is Geekery and #Gaming. Yep. This decade remains dominated by the same major players from the previous decade (we need new protag, guys), and casual gaming continues its ascendancy (oh no). Mobile Phones became a new battle arena market for time-poor adults who keep trying to latch into #gaming well into their adulting journeys. We are also seeing the advent of Virtual Gaming !

For more, check out this Wiki:

  1. The post does not need to be about a game review or a video of actual gameplay!
    You can do fanart, or fanfic, or commentary piece about a game's soundtrack, or a cosplay of a character from a game that was released in the 2010s, or photography post with your collection of oldie-but-goodie games, ... you get the idea, right? MASH THEM ALL UP IN ONE POST!!! ANYTHING GOES AS LONG AS THE POST HAS A RELATION TO A GAME RELEASED SOMEWHERE IN THE 2010s! We are opening up the playfield and we welcome Steemians of various genres to come and join the @archdruid's love for gaming!

  2. Limit of 3 entries per author. As tradition tells us to

  3. If you do submit a post, please resteem this post and drop your link in the comments to be able to follow them properly :) Upvotes are not required but appreciated <3

  4. Please tag your post with #archdruid-contest if you are entering the contest :D

  5. Deadline is MIDNIGHT - MONDAY 23 SEPTEMBER 2019

  6. Judging for this round is @veryspider and @elfranz (hopefully) !

But in the future, we will welcome guest judges so if you are interested to help this community out as a judge, let us know :D In return, we will splash you with a short feature in the contest's publication to highlight who you are as a gamer and bringing exposure to you which may invite new follows to your page :D :D :D


Here are a few examples of how gaming was that might inspire you but you can do whatever you want :D


A spider played this game for a grand total of 18 minutes. Most of it inside a cupboard.

Dance Central

Casual gaming is now armed with motion sensor! Time to accidentally KICK the friend during DANCE BATTLES!

Dark Souls

I love this game for its cruelty and its goodness * ___ *


A spider has a friend who can rant about Destiny for a straight hour XD

sorry about the gif i have no idea what this game is about lol


Like PUBG but like funner! WHEEEE~

Forza Horizon

Like Forza but like…. Prettier! Wheeeeeeeee~

The Last of Us

Where story telling actually makes a game amazing instead of “ugh do we have to go through the story bits ” … Also, yay hyper violence * ___ *

Life is Strange

Is Life Strange? A spider wouldn’t know. A spider missed out on this game~ But a spider’s life is SURE strange enough :D


My MAIN is better than YOUR main, gdi >:C

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Battle Royale has arrived to #gaming ! GET READY FOR DROP !



Temple Run


Dad of Boy

A spider hasn’t played this but has friends who swears up and down that it is a great wonderful game !

...Gosh, having done this lookbacksies, this decade ain't half bad, hey??? :D


Alright, now that HYPE has been stoked, let's get to the juiciest bits :D

  1. First Prize (x1): 13 STEEMs 26 STEEMs
  2. Runner Ups (x2): 7 STEEMs 14 STEEMs for each winner
  3. Honorable Mentions (x5): 3 STEEMs 6 STEEMs for each winner

Total Prize Pool: 42 STEEMs + 42 STEEMS from @geekgirl (OMG .... why is she so awesome * ___ *)

plus maybe there will be thank-you prizes for entering into the contest. it’s the final round to this theme, so a spoder wants every one to have a great time and some rewards!!!

Please thank @curie for the sponsorship for this prize pool! They are the awesome~ Yesh~

We hope you will really consider joining up and sharing our love for gaming because, you see, gaming is more than just a 'silly and childish' hobby for us, it is a brand new frontier that is coming into its own form and respectability, and we hope to meet others who also want to contribute making #gaming a thriving and fun community in Steemit :D

Any questions? Please let us know in the comments below :)

Hope to see a lot of posts and entries!


Good luck! Have fun!

Signing off,
@veryspider & @elfranz


I would like to double the prize pool and contribute 42 Steem.


Thank you so much !!!

You are the amazing one for organizing these contests!!!

NO U (x infinity) (plus 1)

( and that's final!!! >:C )

Woohoo, nice one!

The final contest! Alexa play "See you again"

I still don't really know what I'm gonna do for this contest.


imma update the post now omg

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Damn, I can't believe I missed the last one! No matter, I've got three ideas already!

Awesome!!! Looking forward to them, @bengy !!! :D

On the way!

Oh man, I have been busting to write my entries! This is my first one on the XCOM reboot... but whilst writing it, I realised that I had forgotten to write about Jagged Alliance for the '90s contest!

Aaaah, great entry! Thank you \o/ !!!

Looking forward to the other ones :D !!!

Thanks... hopefully this week!

After careful consideration, I have worked out one of the games I'm going to do a post on!! :D :D Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. ~ flails arms about excitedly ~

Just one. Need to work out at least one more. xD!!!

omg so excite! :D :D :D

i wonder if it will be steamy again hohohohoho~

Thanks!!! Still time for more entries ! :D

Thank you for organizing another contest, it's always great fun!
I've written my first entry:

It's about how, in recent years, audiences on Twitch and YouTube tend to spoil games for content creators playing the games blind. I think it fits the theme, but I'll understand if you disagree.

Thank you! Great to see you participating again! :D

I've finished my second entry: It's about the incredibly cute RPG games by lesser known developer Miwashiba, which were released on Steam in just the last few years. I really hope this article introduces more people to these games.

Thanks so much! Great entry :D Maybe you can squeeze one last entry before the deadline???? :D

Thank you, I really appreciate that! I'm going to give it a try, but I might not get the third article done in time.

My Final Entry is here! Fallout New Vegas Baby. B)

Hey, I managed to finish my third entry in time:

I've been playing the Zero Escape games, but I've been having a lot of trouble with Zero Time Dilemma. I wanted to articulate why in this article to offer the perspective of someone who is far into the game, but hasn't quite finished it yet. I'll likely write a follow-up when I'm completely done.

Thanks again for organizing this contest! You've definitely pushed me to get creative and write more stuff.

Here is my second entry! I saw that the deadline is fast approaching... I have to get the next one done!

This is BattleTech...

My second entry!!!(It's a bit longer than the first one so brace yourself for word vomit)

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