Archdruid Gaming Contest | Gaming Decades: The 70's - CONTEST RESULTS!!!

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Hi everyone!

Apparently, real life has decided to waylaid both @veryspider and @elfranz and we rolled too low on LUCK and was not able to rock up to our LFG raid on time :( Apologies~

DAMN RNG, m i rite? shakes fist

First of all…

Thank you to those that participated :D We realized that the 70s very likely happened before most of us are born so thanks to those of you who rocked up to the LFG : ) There were only seven entries in total, despite the total prize pool of 35 Steems so we are going to try and reallocate the prizes to better reward all the participants :D

Without further ado, here are all of the seven entries, with my comments of appreciation attached to each! The Winners will be announced right after~

The Magnificent Seven!

...arranged in alphabetical order:

  1. @ahmadmanga's entry

    A nice and neat article written about the text-based adventure game, ZORK! I like that @ahmadmanga included interesting tidbits such as - "Zork has an interesting sense of humor. Like one scene where you could count 69,105 leaves scattered on the ground. How many hours did the player spend counting them?" ..... HOW MANY HOURS, indeed?????

  2. @airiam's entry

    A fast-paced, well-written, funny original short story created on Dungeons and Dragons' board game theme :D You should totally read this, I was laughing silly by the end of it XD...

  3. @basileonardo's entry

    All those beautiful GIFs! OMG @basileonardo is a wizard for animated GIF, I'm telling you all~ And the story is so... so endearing, as @basileonardo tells us about his cousin who was like a God of Entertainment, able to turn a mundane thing into an amazing fun thing via the magic of board gaming :D :D :D

  4. @bengy's entry

    @bengy brought us a post about the games called "HUNGRY, HUNGRY HIPPOS" and "MASTERMIND" :D.... To be honest, I've never realized that Hungry Hungry Hippos was a name of a game, I thought it was just something children would say when they are hungry.......... :D Very interesting article, there's even a little assessment on what kind of HHH strategies you can adopt in order to win :O !

  5. @calluna's entry

    Too bad this was late to the deadline, but such a well-written story, with beautiful pacing and intense build up! An absolutely wonderful original story and definitely well worthy of the @curie vote !!! READ THIS, PEOPLE~

  6. @loreshapergames' entry

    Fantastic analysis of Dungeons and Dragons as the first storytelling vehicle for gaming medium :) It's thorough, well written, and very thoughtful. I feel smarter after I had read this :D

  7. @theironfelix's entry

    Rambunctious original story about the game Galaxian! @theironfelix delivered quite a ride! Aliens, spaceships, galactic wars, defense of dear world, ...what more could you want? :D Read this and be adventurous! :D

So, there you go, the seven awesome people who put in the effort and shared with us their talents and their time and their effort :D Thank you, my Magnificent Sevens! You are all MVPs by my heart~

Prize Structure

First things first, as you may recall, this was the prize structure as it was announced in the actual contest's post:

First Prize: 15 STEEMs
Runner Up: 10 STEEMs
Honorable Mentions (x5): 2 STEEMs (each)

Total Prize Pool: 35 Steems

And now, let's unveil the Winners! :D :D :D

Winners' Announcement

Honorable Mentions~

2 Steems will go to these FIVE participants:

Great efforts <3 Love the creativity!

Runner Up~

10 Steems will go to ...@loreshapergames !!!


15 Steems will go to.... @airiam !!!


And, that concludes our presentation for @archdruid's Gaming Era 70s contest' results!!!

Again, thank you, everyone, who participated :) I hope you all had fun~ I certainly did, and I look forward to launching the next contest to celebrate the 80s in gaming!!!

The funds will be transferred in the near future by @elfranz, and as usual, if there's any feedback or comments or cakes, feel free to leave your inputs in the comments section below :)


Gratz to those that won!


You're quite literally all winners!

Thank you all for participating and your patience, we'll see you next time in another decade!


Congrats to everyone! Not gonna lie tho, I'm shocked af omg, first contest won ever. Thank you!


Congrats, @airiam ! Your entry made me laugh silly XD Love it !!! \o/

Glad you liked it, Spidey! it was my first work of fiction on steemit... I wasn't expecting the level of response it got, so to have won is quite moral uplifting. Hopefully I'll have more stuff up soon :)

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Moral check successful!


Congratulations to all the participants

Congrats to the winners and everyone (judges included!). Thanks for the honourable mention!

Thank you so much for participating <3 !!!

Heyo Steemit community, I will leaving the Steemit community (for 2+ months) on the 14th of June. So I do wanna say thank yah for honoring me ^-^

Gracias :D!