[38 Steem In Prizes] Contest: Game Villains. No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

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The prize pool for this one is 38 Steem. This contest is open to everyone. Bring your story telling, art skills, poetry rhythmic and so much more to express game villain(s) you would like to kill again.


Tell us about game villain(s) you would like to kill again. Some examples of how you could express this could be:

-- A written story
-- Artwork you have created
-- A written poem
-- A written song
-- Don’t have a game villain(s) you would like to kill again? Make up your own!

This is about gaming in general and it could include: card games, board games, puzzle games, and video games. It could focus on villain(s) you could solo, have to take out with a group, or even the one that got away. These are just a couple of examples so don’t feel limited to just these when sharing with us. We look forward to reading your entries!

Requirements To Enter


  • Your entry must be a post that you link in the comment section below. This contest closes in two weeks. A second follow up post will be made next week for newer entries.

  • Use #archdruidcontest as one of the tags. The rest is up to you to choose. Here are a couple example tags you could use: gaming, game, game genre (i.e boardgame, fps, rpg, adventure, survival. . .), story, writing, contest, and villain to name just a few.

  • No repost of old content from on or off steemit.

  • Only one entry per person.

  • No plagiarism and please cite sources if applicable.

No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

Liquid rewards go towards future contests.

What We Look For


Judging will be based on but not limited to the following: quality, effort, it factor, detail, uniqueness.



  • First place: 23 Steem
  • Second place: 10 Steem
  • Third place: 5 Steem

Thank you to our sponsor @curie

Prizes will be paid out a couple of days after the contest closes depending on how many entries we have received.

Contest Close


  • All entries must be submitted to the comment section of this post or the follow up one. This contest is open for two weeks. It will close on Thursday, October the 25th at 3 PM Eastern Time (UTC -05:00).

Previous Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of our previous contest: @Volderhein, @Corpsvalues, and @Ahmadmanga



Written by @Enjar on behalf of @Archdruid Gaming.

The cover image was created by @Yosuandoni. Screenshots were taken from a game called Warframe by @Enjar.

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This guy.

I have nightmares about this guy.

LOL omg yes! He was terrible. I used to play PVS 2 religiously on my mobile during my train ride to and from work!

haha I don't even know where that is from. I am hoping for some scary and funny villains to be shared and talked about for this one! Even more so with it being October.

Plants Vs Zombies. It's a mobile game, but lots of fun.
Good luck with the comp, mate.

Wow, how evil he looks!!

Thanks for the award selection and for hosting a great contest!

Congratulations! Thanks for entering it was an amazing post.

the start of the show. The wickedness is present and the enemies more fearsome are loose

Only the strongest and most powerful will be able to face his greatest fears

This is a nice contest. Is there any word limit in the contest?

Nope, it was removed as people kept treating it like a word minimum. The struggle was showing up in their writing as they tried to stretch things out. Which was not good for anyone even more so the quality of those posts.

I always say write to the level you are confirmable with. It is best to think long term and not burn out trying force yourself.

Ok. Expect my entry soon

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Thanks for the support I hope a few of your members join in on this contest!

Definitely going early on this one!

I hope some you guys and gals wait till last few hours to get it in!

You know, we live on the edge!

I have too many Villians so I'll work my mind on narrowing the list, I'm kinda busy (and gaming in my free time) these days so I hope I make it in this contest.

Don’t have a game villain(s) you would like to kill again? Make up your own!

That's a great idea in its own!

Finally, thanks for the mention and thanks to everyone who participated in the last week's contest. ~Glad I got the third prize~

Like always I've no more words to say that LET'S GO!! So... I introduce you, one of the best LoL based post that I've ever done before.

My entry to this trulye awesome heartfeel contest:


As of 42 mins ago the contest has ended.