Balmoral Hotel 1 Princes St, Edinburgh EH2 2EQ, UK

Over 100 Years old this monument has seen some very famous people in it's time. Just around the corner from the Scott monument the Balmoral in Gaelic means 'majestic dwelling', it was opened as its most recent iteration of the hotel by Sean Connery in 1991.


I took this photo in the late evening whilst waiting for a tour group to leave for the Scottish Highlands.

The building itself has a sense of place and feels very imposing, the latest refurbishment has made it true 5 star accomodation however it did not take away from its old charm character. It's little wonder that JK Rowling chose to finish the last of her original Harry Potter series novels Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows here. You can read a bit more about it and the inscription she left on a marble bust in her room now known as the JK Rowling Suite here just don't expect the room to be cheap!

The photo is a 10 second exposure at f/22 and 17mm shot on a consumer grade Nikon d7000 with a 17-55mm.

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It looks so imposing, and yet historically beautiful.

Thanks for the bit of accompanying history you popped into the article, too. :)

It’s always cool to hear a bit of history about the subject in the photo, I’ve been keen to visit Scotland for some time now and this place looks and sounds like it’s worth a visit. Thanks for sharing, awesome image and blog here.

Nice, I like that building - makes me feel fuzzy :)

Me too, such an impressive building to see in person too

Yeah, I'm jelous. Please post more pictures if you have some :)

Wow, this is majestic! Im a big fan of the classic, i cant even imagine how people built that before. Thanks for sharing your shooting specs, very helpful.

My pleasure @funtraveller thanks for your comment

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The photo you took is great that building really is beautiful.

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I somehow sense that I've been to this hotel before, maybe in a past life, or maybe because I used to visit Edinburgh as a kid quite often :/ hmmm

I like the idea of a past life, where are you going with that?

Beats me..maybe something to do with my tenuous Scottish heritage :) I can almost see Mel Gibson shouting...FREEDOM!

Honestly when I landed there it felt like I was going home too theres definitely some sort of connection. Must be the heritage!

This is such a beautiful and clean long exposure!