Netherlands. never get off with Indonesia ... I love Amsterdam want to have a vacation there. but circumstances are not possible.
hopefully one day can fly there. maybe we can meet there while enjoying a cup of coffee.☺

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Nice shot. Congratulations.

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Nice shot

good pictures, unique and antique, shooting is also good

Love this photo and Amsterdam, have a happy day!

Good Picture! Which phone do you use to make these photos?

LG Nexus 5X :)

Nice picture brother.

The building is of course beautiful but the the way it's been captured is awesome. not easy to take such beautiful shots.
I do not know much about Netherlands, I know know one thing that is one of my favorite cricket player Ryan ten Doeschate
I love his batting

you have a great photography skill! Great picture tho😊

good take

what ia this place ?

Howdy partner, I'm @photocurator, a curation bot; I keep an eye on the photo feeds, I vote random photos of my followers and at the end of the day I publish a post with links to the best photos. Follow @photocurator to get your photos curated in the future!

Nice 😘

Thanks for voting me, and keep support me

Nice shot

very cool photo! great job! love this color correction on point!


Thank you for upvoting one of my posts earlier.

Im following you my fellow photographer

Great picture, great city.

This is one of the best shops i have visited in my life 🤧

Beautiful. Great shot.

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