Netherlands has talent architect, for example : building made by netherland in Indonesia about 300 years ago still standing till now.

hola gracias por tu voto, feliz dias te sigo

Really good architecture with beautiful photography..

Wow phogtaphy is very beautiful I admire it, thanks @shourai
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fire 🔥🔥🔥

tremendas fotos


this looks futurisitc 80s style with flying car passing through any moment :)

Very cool my friend, great to see someone else using #SteepShot ~ The future is exciting :) UpVoted

wow good

Iam from Indonesia, thanks for your vote at my post.

Hi, excellent photo good post.Greetings from Venezuela

This one is just brilliant ✨ Love it! I really really want to visit Amsterdam someday, hopefully very soon 💫 Greetings from South America \o/

perfect spot for my #xt or a badass mitsubishi evo ^^

Beautiful shot! Fantastic composition! Thank you for sharing!👍

Nice.. I like it

its perfect

Beautifully captured, converging lines, the same eyes follow them. Superrrl!!!