Four Sigmatic Coffee is my new favorite

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I drink a lot of coffee. Even as I write this, I'm sitting sipping on a coffee I bought a half hour ago. It's become a habit to stop at Cumberland farms and grab a cup while delivering.

I don't really drink coffee for energy. I feel that throughout the years I've developed a tolerance to caffeine. Yet recently I've been feeling sluggish. Part of it had to do with my sleep schedule, yet I had a feeling nutrition was also playing a part. Which is why I started looking into possible natural ways to regain my energy.

I'd heard of the benefits of different mushrooms like lion's Mane, and chaga mushrooms. I'd already had experience with chaga mushrooms, and the health benefits they have for respiratory. So when I heard about natural mushroom coffee replacements. I made a mental note to look into them.

So recently I've been seeing more and more advertisements for the different brands of mushroom coffees on social media. Yet when i looked into them I saw the price tag, and decided to browse Amazon to see if i could find a more affordable option. That's when I stumbled upon Four Sigmatic Think Organic Coffee .

I've tried chaga mushrooms before, and found that when brewing then with coffee there was no notable difference in flavor. So I decided to order some. The fact that Four Sigmatic has both Lion's Mane and Chaga peaked my interest. I was actually excited to try it.

I found that compared to the popular coffees, the price was doable. I'm actually glad I did. The coffee has a nice aroma, and it taste better then most coffees I'd buy at a coffee shop. I've shared it with a few people, and they agreed that it has a nice rich flavor.

I wasn't really expecting much when I first tried it. I enjoyed the flavor of the coffee, and actually had a few cups before I started my day. As I went about my day, I found that my fatigue had been lifted. I genuinely felt better, then I'd been feeling for a month. Other then the coffee I really haven't changed any other part of my routine.

So now I'm a fan. I like the flavor, and I like how I'm feeling. So I decided to promote it. There's advertisements for these coffees all over social media, and if you've been considering trying one. I'd recommend Four Sigmatic Think Organic Coffee. I definitely plan on stocking up. It's my new preferred coffee.


Thanks for sharing your experience and recommendation. It's always helpful to hear first-hand accounts, especially when it comes to something as interesting as organic coffee alternatives.

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