Pargons: an introduction

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Emergence of the Pargons - 47000s - Dyjalom

The Grower Paragus

Around 47k YMach, after the Dyjalom continent suffered from a range of local disasters and plagues, a human Grower named Paragus led a series of new biological experiments within the kingdom of East Tamaros (Southeast of the Ledges and the Dyjalom Forest), under the command of its first queen Athealora. The growing experiments were focused on creating new humanoid races, with the aim to establish species that would eventually succeed humans within this world, and be more capable in dealing with cataclysms and setbacks. The grower Paragus created hundreds of new races in enclosed encampments, of which the Felines, Fleres, Pargons and Medusae are still in existence today.

A few decades later, Athealora felt threatened by the potential of these races, and ordered Paragus to terminate the experiment and kill all who were involved or created. However, Paragus was so compassionate with his creations that he solicited the grand sorcerer Inceptus to help stage a cloaked escape for all the subjects, creating the illusion of mass graves while the subjects were secretly escorted away. Several days later the ruse was discovered and Paragus was executed, although Inceptus managed to escape unscathed and found refuge in the Flere community.


On Pargons,
Pargons are like us, humans.
But better, purer perhaps.
They are stronger, taller, smarter, quicker, more affluent and more attractive.
But most of all they are clean and calculated.
No waste left unattended, no stain left untreated.
When one dives into a Pargon Dome, one dives into a new, untainted reality.
For our reality is full of waste, wounds and sickness.
And our sickness.
Is their death.

A normal year in Kalavia knows five seasons.
But the Pargon year knows six .
There is the early rain season, when hungry Pargons go out and hunt upon the fresh lands.
The end of rain season, when the Pargons celebrate.
The sun season, when the Pargons stockpile and their struggle begins.
The fog season, when the Pargons weaken.
The wind season, when the Pargons dwindle in numbers.
Until true solace arrives with the cleansing embrace of the Snow season.