Slow development progress: 4 character cards

in #archonlast year

Hi everyone! The week has been busy and I have been doing mostly ground work, so in terms of visible results there is not a huge amount to show yet!

However, I do have a first version of the four basic character cards (excluding art), which I am happy to show here:


The first one is the Crafter, which will be oriented towards making and repairing assets.


The second one is the Warrior, which will be oriented towards combat and exploration.


The third one is the Miner, which will be oriented towards acquiring resources, and transforming things.


And lastly we have the Noble, which will be oriented towards alliances and diplomatic moves.

There is still a huge amount more to do of course! I will need to finalize the artwork, share the game rules, explain and ready all the other relevant cards for this Alpha basic set, and share more about the backstory.

And last but not least, I need to get the artwork in a good shape!

After long thinking I decided to go for procedurally generated art for now, as it gives a number of very unique benefits (e.g. every card instance can be made to look slightly different). Currently I only have circles, rectangles and rotated rectangles, and very few shapes as you can see. But please bear with me as I add more shapes, gradients, special effects and composite building blocks. And hopefully over time an art style will emerge that you will all like!

That's it for today. If you have any thoughts or special requests, then please do let me know with a comment!

And if you like the direction of the project, feel free to support it with an upvote of course :).