Working my way towards an alpha set

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I don't like being a hostage of the future, but I am making steady progress on the cards. Although stats and rules are very much in flux I am slowly converging towards a base card set and an initial (1 player) mode.

I will need playtesters to help explore the rules and game mechanisms more quickly, and I also still have to complete a range of cards, but as of now I have 22 cards completed already in the last week.

To give you an impression of what they're looking like at the moment, let me share you a sample:


Lands are support cards that provide resources, which are divided in four categories: Land, Inspiration, Nourishment and Material. Above are two examples of lands: First, a Creek which provides 1 Land and 1 Inspiration, and second a Plaza which provides Two Land.

Other resources

There are also support cards that do not represent physical land. These work in the same way, except that they provide resources other than Land. Here I've included two examples: The Council of Wise (2 Inspiration) and a Food Cellar (2 Nourishment).


A likely key element in the 1-player alpha set battles is the encounter stack. This is the deck of cards that dictate the circumstances under which the player needs to survive and thrive. Here are two example encounters:

The Grim Reaper is a card that hits the table and damages all heroes once per turn. It does not attack, but it retaliates with a Presence of 4. It dies when it receives 5 damage in a single turn.

And lastly, the Rat Plague is a card that disables the older nourishment support card the player has on the table. It does not attack, but retaliates with a Presence of 4, and dies when it receives 3 damage in a single turn.

Encounters deliver victory points when defeated or avoided. This is indicated by the stars on the left.

Closing thoughts

Note that the rules are still very much in flux, but I hope this post gives you all a bit of an impression where this game is heading towards!

I would like to also have a digital presence for these cards, but currently I lack the skills to bake my own NFTs. I will try to find a collaboration or two to see if I can make that work though :).

Comments and suggestions are welcome as always! :)


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