Archon - The Newest Tribe That Isn't Here Yet!

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1st airdrop (testing my airdrop script) gave out 0.0001 ARCHON on hive-engine for every staked UFM on steem-engine.

2nd airdrop will give out ~0.02 ARCHON for every staked UFM (will arrive at a later date just before tribe launch) You can add to your UFM balance before launch to increase your ARCHON airdrop!


Token creation from all pools will be dramatically reduced (compared to UFM)
100k initial supply
50k pre-sale
50k to UFM holders via airdrops
1 ARCHON every 150 (HIVE) blocks for post rewards and curation
100k ARCHON / year for mining


1000 Max supply
200 to be airdropped between UFMM holders (just before launch)
800 to be sold in pre-sale
20 random miners "mine" reward every hour
Every miner gets a small end of day reward (guaranteed ratio mining)

Tribe Setup:

Setup could take a few weeks as funds trickle in, some of the required BEE will come from the bee airdrop for ENG holders, some will come from mining and pre-sale tokens, and some will come out of my pocket.

Archon VS UFM:


Archon and UFM will share a lot of the same developments, and may overlap or support the other, but each is a separate project.

Archon will become the primary project, however UFM will still be running on STEEM and SE, and will benefit from development made on Archon. Archon WILL support posting rewards for #upfundme (and a few select hashtags) on HIVE. (because UFM will not be on hive)

Archon in the UFM Lottery (Batch Token):

This will be Archon's first (and easiest to implement) use case. Currently the lotto processes tickets at random from a pool of all users waiting to process their tickets.

Our lotto quality beta testers would love to be able to process their tickets in batches and remove the random element. (you know beta testers... the itch to test makes waiting for random turns difficult)

These beta testers (I mean gamblers (I mean beta gamblers)) will be able to send Archon to the UFM lotto to get their tickets processed in batches! This Archon will be burned.

(this should roll out on the backend over the next few days)


The Archon lottery will differ quite a bit from the UFM Lotto. All prizes will be in HIVE (not hivep or other SE/HE tokens, except daily grand prizes which may include Archon Miners or other HE tokens ON TOP OF THE HIVE PRIZE), lottery will accept HIVE as payment, and a gateway will exchange Archon for HIVE to enter into lottery. 90% of all incoming Archon via the gateway will be burned.

Having all instant wins, daily prizes and instant jackpots in native HIVE (or HBD if HIVE moons) will make things easier for new players, and allow for easier balancing. This will also eliminate 95% of crashes, as almost all are caused by SE or HE.

Archon Development (TO-DO):

New Tribe Account - Easy...

Mining - Already written for Steem, just needs hive conversion

Proof Of Delegation - Already written for Steem, just needs hive conversion / separation from dividends (for stability)

Dividends - Mostly done (needs testing with HIVE instead of tokens)

Lottery - Core available from UFM lotto, needs a lot of changes / MongoDB

DEX gateways - Gateways for ARCHON to WAVES, BTS, etc... - 1 way transaction completed for waves - core started.

Coin Swap - Allows swapping supported hive-engine tokens for other crypto (BTC, DOGE, WAVES, etc...) - core started.

Archon Games - Eventually Archon and UFM will share a game/gambling library where both tokens will be available for use...


This is great news, I just saw my ARCHON airdrop, pleasant surprise! Can't wait for those miners, oh boy!

Good luck with the all the work! I’m ufm miners have been great.

Excellent news, keep up the great development! You have our full support :)

Looking forward to ARCHON and how it develops! Great work

Seriously awesome news! Discovered this from the airdropped tokens on HIVE-Engine. Good luck with developments 👍

cool, will use upfundme here too :)

Is this project still running?