Merry Christmas @jazzhero

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To the first person I got to know in the platform and a close friend, Merry Christmas you anonymous person you! I still don't know who this guy is other than casual chats on discord. I learned a lot about the blockchain from him from a lot of discord conversations. I still have other arts lined up for other steemians I got to interact with on separate future posts.

@jazzhero thanks for putting up with a lot of my crap and ideas that didn't fly so well over the year. You were very supportive with a lot of stuff I came up with and not a single time did I ever doubt your sincerity. I'm going to use this opportunity to monetize my work and have you upvote them because I'm a nice person. I created several versions of your discord avatar in case you plan on changing it or want some new set of emojis for the discord server we share.

Reference Image

Too many possibilities with a cool base avatar. Happy Holidays @jazzhero!

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Excellent! I like the original more, it is a great abstract !

Thank you adamada! You've just received an upvote of 49% by @ArtTurtle!

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Mindblown! Thanks for the surprise Christmas gift! I'm floored by how cool this is. I love each version.

You're one of the most awesome artists and persons I've known on the platform. Thanks for the friendship and crazy ideas. I still hope those ideas come to life in some form in the future.

Back at you, Merry Christmas you anonymous you.

Solomot sa wanmelyong supporta bruh! cge enjoy the holidays! :D

Lakas maka-bromance! Haha

Happy holidays sa dalawang paborito kong anon. Paki-DM sa kin mga selfie niyo. Ibebenta ko.

Hahaha! Nice 😂🤣

Ay napakasipag at napakabait naman ire. Haha. Natakot ako dun sa isang avatar. Monster lang ang peg. hahaha. Okay yan ah. Keep it up. :)

salamat gurl sa compliment :D

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Really cool, @adamada :) Love the clean inking and the variations !!!