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The Jellyfish sting

I'm a little jellyfish bobbing up and down with the beat of the waves, stretching out and swishing
my tentacles in the big open sea.
Wind pushes them
Waves get bigger
instead of surfing the waves of the roller coaster, the gust of wind is pulling them into a current like
a big washing machine, waves are escalating faster and higher rolling in.
Already dazed and confused from the force and rush of the rolling spinning waves without no
control feeling like a lost bottle being spin about.
Smash a rush of electricity tingling through my tentacles exiting through my spines into something
foreign that is loud and full of panic, trying frantically to escape the sea keeps twisting my tentacles
which wrap around different parts some are squishier than other parts, trying quickly to unwrap my
tentacles, finally free but there are more and more shadows coming fast towards the noisemaker, I'm
bobbing and weaving hoping to dodge the shadow of excessiveness of noise, uneasiness, and panic
so I can bob back up and down, to recharge my drained body.

The Jellyfish Sting Song

I'm a jellyfish I like to sting you, sting sting sting
Some of my species may kill you, may kill you
some of my species may kill you, may kill you
and others just hurt.
Stay away from the clear ones, the clear ones, the clear ones
they will kill you, they will kill you, they will kill you, within three minutes.
There's a blue bottle bobbing down the sea, bobbing down the sea, bobbing down the sea,
when it stings you, when it stings you, it leaves its stingers which causes marks, marks, marks
splash the seawater, splash the seawater, or hot water
tick tock goes the clock thirty minutes has passed.

The next time you are at the sea don't forget to look out for me, bobbing out at sea.

Until next time ...

By Mamahen and the chicks

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