To follow or not to follow .. that is the question 🤔

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So im looking for people to follow.. i keep looking everyday. Am i too picky i ask myself? I guess i can be. Because who we follow shows up on our feed, it really matters to me on what and how many people i want to see right? We all, im sure dont want to have only people that resteem ( i mean resteeming and helping others is great but i also want to see what said person is all about , thats kinda the reason we choose to follow them right lol ) and never show what they originally started out to blog about..

Oh the things that go around in my head. I really want to find people that do crafts, i know ive said this many ,many times. I want to help support other people that do hands on things . I know truly how much goes into the art of arts and crafts and see that they are not getting the deserved amount of credit for said hard work.

Some of us crafters spend hours and days making what we do, and then spend more hours setting up booths at shows. People have no idea how much work goes into it all. Then we sit for up to 13 more hours working that booth to sometimes only break even on what we paid for the booth 😔.

So to support other small businesses and crafters and artists im calling out to anyone like this. Post a little about your hobby or crafts in the comments and ill be happy to follow and share some aloha⛰🌺 remember resteeming a post can touch so many, if just one person was to share this post it could find its way to 10 or 100s others and so one. Everyone benefits.

Here is a few of the crafters i know on here if you would like to follow them
@foxyspirit ( Crocheting and baking)
@kandywriter (sketching)
@artmom ( painting)
@luanne ( crocheting, and stone jewelry)
@yogajill (crocheting)
@starjewel ( dream catchers, wire wrapping)
@azyref ( beads and jewelry)
@hethur240 ( wire wrapped jewelry)
@singa ( paper crafts for scrapbooking and projects)
@craftingmom ( silk screen shirts and cricket crafts)
@heyheyhen ( wire wrapping stones and jewelry)
@hethur240 ( wire wrapped stones and jewelry)
@daio ( sketch artist)
@anjkara ( wire wrapping crafts, jewelry, crocheting)
@lil-mich ( knitting and crocheting)
@spicetrader ( polymer clay crafts)
@cynbedthia ( wire wrapping jewelry)

If i missed anyone please let me know and if i didnt add the right crafts then please let me know and ill edit it.

And if this is your first time seeing me 🤗 then here is a little of what i make and post. Seaglass, seed jewelry, polymer clay crafts, shell jewelry. Here is just a sample of what i make.

I really want us crafters to start supporting each other more by resteeming and supporting in all forms. Like always please comment and let me know if you resteemed any of my posts i dont always see but ill be happy to send my aloha . I really need to find a way to get notified when my posts get shared or my name is put in a blog lol.

Anyway aloha 🌺 steem hard and bring the train home.


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That's a really nice project,
By the way that's a cool bracelet!
Keep on steemin'

That's a really nice project,
By the way that's a cool bracelet!
Keep on steemin'

Thank u very much 🌺

Your welcome!

thanks for mentioning me, I have resteemed this post.

U welcome and thank u as well for the resteem 🤩

That is very sweet of you @aloha-creations to include me in your post 😍 I also do upholstery, but I haven’t had the time to neither do it, nor blog about it for a while. 🤨 I use for all my postings and management of my Steemit account. It notifies me of everything that’s going on. Also, you can make blog drafts, which is super handy if you work on several posts, but don’t have time to complete them. And you can bookmark posts that you want to review again later. I recommend 😄 ps resteemed your post, us crafters need to stick together 😁

I resteemed your post in hopes that more people see it. I do know that when I started on steem it took me about a month perhaps, to connect to the right people. Just keep growing and keep looking. I think theres about a million people on here. Just keep posting and look and meeting other people. Sometimes the people that are creative may not even write about it, until someone they connect with turns up. Have faith, you will find them :)

Yes im not giving up lol, ill keep looking and adding to the list thank u so much jewls your the best.

no problem ^_^ <3

Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you for including me in your list, I checked all accounts and liked them, so I decided to follow all of them. Now my feed will be brightened with awesome creations. I share lots of my arts and crafts, but I think I can't go 'niche' here on steemit, as I have so many other interesting things to share! As an artist, I am inspired by mother nature, so I travel a lot, share stories and some other things I have in my mind. :)

Great idea, Aloha!

Thank for mentioning me too. I'm gonna resteem and hopefully we'll get a few others out of the closet :D


Thank u , i just seen the resteem 🌺

I support what you are doing and I will Resteem. I hope it helps many get the recognition that they deserve. A big Thank you for your support.

I see that your now resteeming so many other great posts 🌺 remember to keep posting your stuff too . Dont want it to get lost in too much resteeming

Get ginabot for discord chat! Its the best tool ever! It will notify you when things happen on your steem account. Upvotes,comments, resteems,follows. Ive also set mine to notify wbe certain tags are used in a new post such as jewelry or craft.
Id check out the @howtoweekly tag and @steemmakers you should find some more quality people to follow through them. ☺

Thank u and yes ive tried to use the ginabot but i dont know how to pay her so unit i learn that im just asking for someone to comment if they do. Ill look into the tags thank u

ok for ginabot its relatively easy. go to the discord chat for ginabot. then:

Go To #registration
Type ..reg yourSteemName

Example: ..reg neander-squirrel
[Do not include the @ symbol with username]

once youve done that she should send you back somehting like this example:

OK, to verify that @literaturk account belongs to you, Send 0.001 SBD or STEEM to @ginabot
Use memo: 396357012511916051

to send her the coins come back on here (steemit) go to your wallet then click on the dropdown on SBD or Steem and select transfer.

Screenshot here if you're lost -

then from that window you can input the details she gives you.

Hope that was vaguely helpful!

Ill try it thanks

Yes i just learned how to do the ginabot and had some key words too but was getting too many alerts from " crafts and jewelry tags " and when i would look at the tags the posts weren't even of jewelry or crafts ugh lol

Ah yeh recently there's been lots of random spammy jewelry tag posts from 25 rep accounts. Im assuming its some kind of bot doing it ss the posts are just garbage!
With ginabot i mainly use it to be notifed when my favourite people post something new. Its great for that.

WHAT a great way to recognize other crafting steemians!

Have you ever thought about selling/auctioning some of your jewelry and crafts on steemit? They have steembay. I've bought a few bracelets from steembay for my daughters.

When i have more time to understand that ill look i to it thank u 💙

It is important to choose who you follow carefully. What posts do you want to see on your feed? It will quickly clog up with garbage if you follow everyone who follows you...

Another thing you can do if you're using a PC rather than a phone (though it may be possible there - I don't know) is bookmark the Steemians I wish to check up on more frequently than others.
Just an idea.

I like the jewelry you posted too - very pretty.

What a wonderful way to help promote yourself and other crafters. I have written down everyone on the list and then I can support them and you too.

Nice idea! I already checked out the accpounts and followed, liked and resteeemed even one of their posts! Lets find each other with the same interests!

Aloha for resteeming 🌺 im following u as well. Cant wait to see what kinds of crafts u make💓

You are wonderful. Thank you for including me on the list. It’s great to find other fellow makers =)

Agree that it is tough to find who to follow especially if you are interested in subjects that are narrow in nature since the platform is still relative new and growing. Thanks for the suggestions! I will have a look at them!

I just commented on your post lol and added u to the blog. I didnt see you comment till just now lol i must have been on your page hehe

Thank you, @aloha-creations. I already see several I didn't know about. I'm off to explore! Great list!

U welcome please check back every few days or so im adding to the list as we speak 🌺

Also i added u to the blog i hope that it helps u 🌺 thank u for your support as well.

Thank you @aloha-creations for meantioning my name in your post!
You are so right, it takes so much time, energy and emotions to actually make something whether it’s hanmade jewelry, crafts or painting, but it’s hard to find people who have the same interests and who can become a follower/friend/ supporter.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and bringing it up.

Oh no problem like i said i really love crafts and want to help everyone i can 🌺 and with this post everyone can help themselves all it takes is a resteem and hopefully it keeps trickling to others 💓

I resteemed your post @aloha-creations.

Keep it up... a have lot of craft but I don't realy publish myself here in such aspects so, I think I will just have to say: keep it up

U should share your beautiful crafts here we all would love to see them and help support u im sure 💓

Thanks for support other crafters, i hope to be better and succes
Together We Can

You might find some people to follow using the tag #needleworkmonday. Recognising the problems you raise about the time needed for crafting, people only post once a week - on Mondays 😊. Other people are @juliakponsford and @everlove.

I am running a free competition for people showing off there favourite ring


I upvoted your post and entered

I also recommend you check out @barbarafuentes , a friend of minde crafting very nice earrings!

I will 🌺 does she still come on here ? Last post was a month ago