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The Scaramanga Six | Big Ideas

Music video, Dec 2021.

Not many videos I make would I be happy to select and share such a diverse set of still images from.
But that is what has happened with the latest video for The Scaramanga Six

The pitch I made to the band was for the video to artistically feel like a mash up of different times and styles, compressed in to one high energy video.

That’s how I originally saw it, anyway.

I didn’t want it to feel ‘normal’. Or equally particularly slick and polished, in a sense.
So I guess it’s no surprise it’s got a real eclectic feel to the images.

Here are some of my favourite moments - ones which I don’t mind saying that I’d actually be glad to print out and pop on a wall. Which certainly isn’t the case with all my work!

Let me know what you think.

I certainly couldn’t be a photographer of stills, but sometimes a series of stills from videos can pop.












It's brilliant, the track and the video. There's lots going on, but it works I got Worthless Music on Friday, but I haven't given it a proper listen yet.

Those are definitely cool photos. I especially like the spider walking on the surface and the guitar player. Nice!

Same. I really love the spider shot.

Cheers @chrislybear! I don’t generally like spiders but I was comfortable with this one at a distance. It’s movement was incredible. The handler/owner was a proper pro, so we felt safe. The spider was mainly filmed on a mirror with a grey backdrop, so it gives it quite an unnatural look on video.

That's awesome. I don't know someone who owns such a spider but would love to take some photos like this as well 😄

Thanks @leaky20! The spider and snake filming session was fascinating. Always a pleasure filming with the band themselves

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These are very strong visuals brother, it has that Gaspar Noe vibe to it.