Pixelart: At the garden

in #artlast year

Eventhough he is tired from his work. He does not forget to take care of his plants. This keeps his plants to grow faster and this activity also helps him to relax and de stress.


I started on creating the soil for the background.

Making the plants in the garden.

Adding details and extra soil below the plants.

Putting some fence on the garden, as a little protection for the plants.

Adding a shadow or a hole effect on its pole.

Placing the rope to fully cover the place.

Adding extra details on the background like bushes.

Adding some clouds and then I started on creating the outline of the main character.

Coloring its body and clothes.

Creating the outline of the water hose.

Making of the water splash

Adding extra water effect for the animation.


Yay! 🤗
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