Art On Demand (AOD) by ATS-David

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Get real art - on demand and exclusive for you!


I’m on an extended vacation and heard about all of this new and exciting stuff about art on Hive. So I figured I’d try out my own “painting” skills and see where it takes me.

I downloaded a painting app for my phone and got to work with my nifty little painting fingers.

I made a few quick pieces and shared them with some friends.

Then, out of the blue, someone suggested an idea for a new painting.

Then there was another suggestion.

Then it hit me...

The world needs Art On Demand! And I’m the guy to deliver it!

My first AOD pieces for public sale

I have two paintings that were AOD pieces and have not yet been sold. These are first editions, numbered (both are “01” copies), and they will remain single-edition copies for the right price!

The images are watermarked and will not be shared publicly without the “ATS AOD” markings. Whatever happens with the non-watermarked images is up to the buyers.

The buyer(s) will receive the 1st edition image with the watermark and the 1st edition image without the watermark.

These are the two Art On Demand paintings for sale:

“Apple + Bee”

“Blue Sky Pilsner”

These images will be sold to the highest bidder. Bidding will take place in the comment section of this post and will be open for 48 hours.

Bidding will start at 10 HIVE for each image. For an exclusive single-edition copy of these images, the bids must surpass 250 HIVE for each image.

If these images are not sold for at least 250 HIVE each, then there may be a maximum of 5 editions for each image.

If you want any newly-commissioned Art On Demand paintings from me, please let me know here or on Discord.

Good luck and thank you for your support!


Bid on “Apple + Bee” here!

Bid on “Blue Sky Pilsner” here!

I'll kick things of at -85 HIVE (u pay me to take it) :smirk:


So isnt it more logic to buy the 5 editions at 50 hive total than one at 250 hive ?
Were you drunk while painting ?

There may be no more editions.

No. I was 100% sober! You can’t draw fine art like this while drunk, silly!

Dont talk about the drunk artists like they dont have quality , they do ,but they are just very poor 🙂

Solid work!

If these images are not sold for at least 250 HIVE each, then there may be a maximum of 5 editions for each image.

Someone has to step in here to prevent any further addition. Who will make the sacrifice?😂

I think you just volunteered!

lol, luck never favors me😢

By the way...

If these don’t sell, then I’ll be sure to make twice as many per day and post them here on Hive.

Remember to share them on twitter and use #posh We need to put the art out.

The idea is great ! We should push it further because i love doing digital art 😁

Maybe you can sell one to @gerber for a new dcity card idea.

I could pay a basic home for it.

No. Luxury home.

Looks just like mine when I try to copy Bob Ross. Makes it look so easy too.