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Welcome to Beastly Tales. Each has a message, a moral. All are meant to have an element of humour. Naturally, any names included do not depict real folk but are included as part of the joke.

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(As with Beastly Banter Beastly Tales is written and illustrated by Richard Hersel.)

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Richard Hersel



Here we are, on an aeroplane, up high,
Over thirty thousand feet up in the sky.
The aircraft, quite full, no empty seats,
You can talk to your seat neighbour, during eats.
But that’s not really a friendship, for sure,
Not a loneliness panacea, not a loneliness cure.
Walking through the streets of a big city.
Crowded and cast, not at all pretty.
If you stopped busy people to have a chat,
They’d view you a loony, words like Oh Drat!
Just as a corpse feels lonely wrapped in a shroud.
So one can feel so lonely immersed in a crowd.
So many people, and not knowing even one,
Intense loneliness, it’s certainly no fun.
In a crowded restaurant, dine alone,
Other tables exploding with laughter, and you’re prone,
To stare long and hard at the menu ornate
Trying to decide what you’ll have on your plate.

Said Hector Hogsbreath, “In the country, I don’t feel alone,”
“Only in big cities am I loneliness prone!”
“When I’m out in the countryside, with the birds and bees,”
“I feel at peace, content, complete, if you please!”
“But in a crowded scenario, I go all to pieces.”
“Not knowing anyone, alone, the feeling never ceases.”

Of course, too much company can have the reverse effect,
One’s mind confused and cluttered, equilibrium checked!
“Alone at last!” Those words spring wishfully to mind,
Peace and solitude, then we’re not in a bind!
So, should you wish to sit for a sociability test.
It, would appear that a sensible balance, is best.
Too much time, all alone, not recommended,
Too much company? We’ll leave that open-ended.
Of course, the key is to have company of your choosing.
Dingwits and idiots, the plot you are losing!



I love this poem, it is so true that in crowded places full of people you can feel so lonely. Give me the birds and the bees any day, they are great company!😁