Artists’ Highlights at C-Squared: @shimozurdo and @nowargraffitis

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Artists’ Highlights at C-squared

Hi everyone !

I’ve been spidering around Steemit’s visual art spheres for a while now and it has always been a passion of mine to support, recognize, and highlight artists and their works :D

I bring these highlights via C-Squared’s platform, so you can browse and enjoy these beautiful talents we have on Steemit :)

Note: if you have an artist that you think should be appreciated more, let me know at any time :> You can leave a comment on these posts, and I will try to pick them up in future editions

Issue 11 Artists


@shimozurdo joined Steemit this year! A new talent :D! In June 2019, @shimozurdo arrived on our Steemit-landia and he has been bringing gorgeous posts since * ___ *

Without much of an introduction, he went straight to dropping articles that shows off his versatile skills, and boy, is he multi-disciplined! He does traditional arts, digital arts, and he even kicks serious butts with his graffiti works!

Eventually, he did do a self introduction post where he talked about his passion, and what he would like to achieve with his art :) I find @shimozurdo to be really engaged and super friendly, to boot :D We connected almost immediately, so if you haven’t said hi to @shimozurdo, go do so since he’s really awesome :)

Here are some samples from @shimozurdo’s gallery:

My first Graffitis – Every journey began with the first step and here in this post @shimozurdo shared with us the humble beginnings of his graffiti works. Despite being rough around the edges, we can see already his talents shining through these early pieces :)

Travelers in Time – Ink on paper. Check out the post for the actual picture, since I chose to feature a cropped section of it :) It’s a cool show of @shimozurdo’s traditional piece, and one that highlights his compositional skills. I love how he inks, and I love that the Doc’s likeness from Back to the Future is immediately recognizable :D

Human zoo – This one is a digital art piece, about a dystopian future where humans are kept in a zoo for aliens or robots to look at an visit. A little dark :O But, I think it’s nice how @shimozurdo was able to tell a story with a single picture :)

Hip Hop Culture – Since I’ve shown you @shimozurdo’s early graffiti works, I also want to show you how far he has come along since then :) And he has really journeyed! Check out this post for a great demonstration of his recent graffiti artworks, complete with process shots and how this beautiful artwork looks like, embedded in the community’s skate park’s wall! :D :D :D

Street art Mexico – …as usual, I can’t let you go quite yet XD Squeezing in this last one, a gorgeous timelapse of @shimozurdo’s street art, which depicted that special point in history where three cultures met and their meeting was the beginning of what will be modern day America one day.

If you’re at Twitter or Facebook or IG, also check out his other social medias and give him a follow there since he’s really talented and a wonderful person :)



@nowargraffitis joined Steemit last year in June 2018 so they’ve just turned a bit over a year old on the platform! They are a team of artists based in Berlin, Germany, led by “Edga”, who manages and posts their creations to their website and social medias, including Steemit :)

Check out their introduction post: here, but in Edga’s own words…

NOWARGraffitis is a company with the idea to re-issue the peace sign more often and to spread it everywhere as often as possible so that people pay more attention to it.

Edga is really nice, super talented, and very passionate about bringing messages of NO WAR into the world :) A cool person!

So let us appreciate a few examples of @nowargraffitis’ creativity:

Digital Illustration – A design that was done for a client who is also a friend :) Too bad that Edga forgot to take photos of how this would look on the hoodie and sweat shirt, but check out the post for pictures of it as prints !

Abstract Canvas – Edga is also a very adept abstract artists, working with geometric shapes and textures with great creativity and designs :D Check out the posts to see more of his abstract paintings :D

Yard5 Festival Berlin - He participated in Yard 5 Graffiti Festival in Berlin last month! This was the first time he wielded the spray paints again after his accident earlier this year where he broke his fore arm at the elbow :screaming emoji: You can check out the post here, if you want to look at the x-ray of his poor arm… (I sent him some Steems to help out, since it was his artist’s arm, too > __ < I can’t imagine not being able to draw, to be honest, so I was empathizing!)

ARTBASE FESTIVAL 2019 – Neustrelitz - One last cool post for you to check out just before I wrap up! I couldn’t lead with this one since it’s written in German, but really, go click it and see the photos of this awesome event that Edga took part in! Seems like a burst of talents coming together to celebrate and create street arts! Amazing energy!

Give Edga a follow at @nowargraffitis, if you haven’t done so :) He has recovered from his injury well now and he is back to creating really amazing pieces for us to enjoy!



So that’s the eleventh pair for these periodical highlights from C-squared featured artists :D

If you have been living under a rock, @c-squared is a group launched to promote manual curations of quality contents off Steemit. We browse all genres and categories and we welcome everyone to contribute and highlight underrated posts through manual curations. Join the discord ! Join the appreciation of others ! Anyone can curate \o/

Additionally, a spider has done these articles 11 times now and if any of you would like to try your hands at them, please DO let me know. A spider does not receive any rewards for writing these up, but if you need a bit of motivation to compose one of these, a spider will be willing to compensate you for the trouble :) So, yeah, let me know if you’re interested to publish one of these!

The format of this thing might change in the future since I am very new at this so let me know any tips for improvements !

Much love,

Copyright of @shimozurdo and @nowargraffitis. Banner is copyright @znkd. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or use without written permission.

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This one was like thematic. I recently found out about -shimo- hermano mexicano. And this collective from Berlin now. Nice follows.

they are streaking through the streets with awesome artness !!!! * ___ *

Hi @c-cubed, a modest tip of appreciation:

You really don't imagine how this makes my day 😊, I'm love my effort is rewarded in this way, I infinitely appreciate the support provided @veryspider and as I told you once the admiration is mutual 🙏, and of course thanks to @c-cubed

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No había visto ningún post tuyo hasta el de dark creo de inkober, después vi otro de inktober también, el de el guerrero olmeca y serpiente emplumada con unas muchachonas. Luego ya calé todo el pex del graffi. Y pues... de huevos tu arte hermano.

No sabes lo difícil que es hacer arte callejero solo we, en un lugar que a la gente ni le interesa ni le guasta, pero la satisfacción es demaciada cuando gente tan talentosa como tu reconoce mi trabajo hermano, neta gracias @znkd

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Me imagino la dificultad we. De hecho yo solía taggear cuando era más morrillo jaja. Llegué a hacer un par de bombas con unos compas... Ah viejas tiémpocas.

You are most welcome! <3 I love supporting talents and you are wonderfully talented and wonderfully wonderful as a person also <3 <3 <3

Keep on creating and being awesome ! \o/

Sure I'll do, no, we'll do 😉

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I ve just seen that :O

...thank you so much :* i am honored. So nice words and support!

thank you very much again and all the best!



edga -NOWARGraffitis
(NOWARGraffitis is just me. One person ;) )