Marine Life.... original Painting

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Steemit seems to be finding a bit of the genuine awesomeness, that was the reason I came here a couple of years ago. Back then it looked like this would take over as the best social media network, and who would of thought it could all be spoilt by the greed that overtook the Curation rewards.

I tried a few times to get a great thing going amongst the artists, musicians and creative types here. Unfortunately strong egos took over, and there was no rewards for legit originality.

I was recently surprised by some real community spirit, and it has lead to me thinking about working hard here again. I reckon we can all make something special out Steemit if we start to send our rewards on merit again. The bots and dominating personalities here, ruined the potential of Steemit, and I was cashing out in disgust. Now I am willing to develop slowly and see what can be achieved by giving and supporting others in their journeys.

Today I am posting one of my original paintings, it is called Marine Life and was inspired by a trip to the Aquarium in Okinowa, one of the best in the Northern Hemisphere. My art is usually done on reclaimed materials, in this case I painted on a discarded IKEA laminated shelf. I used Acrylic and the painting measures around 57cm by 35cm, my hairdresser likes this painting very much, so I gave her a limited edition print as a token of friendship.

MARINE LIFE by David Emanuel.

marine life.jpg

I have been advised to follow the new Creativecoin and whilst I am tempted by the community, I am reluctant to be accumulating a new token. The rewards are not my largest incentive at this time, I am really in this to see if people start to connect and comment again. Of course if this is ignored I better follow the advice and seek out like minded creatives.

My life is largely focused on Music, Art and the environment. Looking forward to seeing the response as I am keen to move past the malaise I was overwhelmed by here, and start to lift my energy into a higher rhythm cycle.


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