Finally Got Financed To Create Another Art NFT!

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Finally financed to create another NFT!

Much thanks to @sanborn805 for buying copy #2 of my last NFT found here, I finally had enough funds to go create another piece of work. This is only because there's a listing fee for NFT Showroom. I'm still glad to be able to use them, however.

Without further ado, here's my latest work on NFT Showroom:

esther - final.png

Here's the flavor text I came up with for it:

"The Sun was setting outside in the distance. Esther peered through the doorway to see if her father would appear with his horse over the horizon. She was awaiting his return from the market. He had promised to bring home a glass mirror that the lowland traders from the Far South were known to carry. She had very much looked forward to see just how pristinely crafted they truly were."

Some issues:

Overall, this was actually a pretty good digital generation based on the prompts I was looking for. But when I upscaled it I found out there were some issues I wasn't expecting. The nose and and lips were wrong on both generations. You can see a comparison of what I was using down below.

So in order to smooth them out I overlayed them and changed the opacity to get a vision of both. This definitely helped with softening out the issues.


However, now that I look at it I realize doing this messed up her necklace. Oh well. Now it's an abstract necklace now!