My First Tokenization on NFT Showroom!

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Making a mark on NFT Showroom

There is a real sense of joy to create something out of nothing. More so, a greater appreciation when it further contributes to the community you love and participate in. For me, that is increasingly becoming the HIVE community. Although this account is new, I have actually been a part of this community for years. Today marks a first for me to be able to mint a piece of art for the HIVE community. You can find that minted work here: My NFT Showroom Gallery.

Here is my AI-assisted digitally-created art:

Planetary Colonist.png

I added some flavor text and a backstory to the graphic to give it some greater sense of creative depth and context:

Illuvia was a space colonist on a new planet. In her twenties, she was a bright, young life sciences student who had just deployed on her first mission in the Kepler system. Although habitable, the planet would be challenging to tame given the scarce reserve of known biological resources. It would be vital to have the flexibility to pursue a rich understanding of the new ecosystems available there in order to simultaneously scale up solutions capable of paving a path towards enduring survivability.

Some challenges:

It's actually not the easiest thing to create what I'm looking for. I'm able to upscale and variate several depicted generations, but have very little control over the final outputs. For example, I started with the top-right image in the formation below.


Obviously, the most difficult part of all this is creating the initial graphic generation pool to begin with. And in that regard, there's some wrangling to get the AI to understand and create what it is you're trying to accomplish. More often than not, it just gets it flat wrong.

There are erroneous features all over the place with little means to manipulate the output. For example, the top-left graphic in the aforementioned graphic pool doesn't even have arms. Having some additional Photoshop skills helps to smooth things over in the end.


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