Summer's Tear

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Summer's Tear

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Here's the little story I came up for this one:

"As Gabriel closed the door behind him, Summer knew that things would be different now. She would be different now, and it was for the best. A tear began to gather in her right eye, but she would be stronger than this. As solemn was it was to see a friend leave her life, there would always be a place in her memories for the people who once meant so much to her."

Summer - FINAL.png

Some Issues:

It seems like there's always a problems when generating these. Faces in particular. In this case, Summer's facial proportions were just off so it took some photobashing (aggregating) in order to smooth things out & get the right features where they belong. The imagine on the left is what I wanted to improve upon, but the faces on the right were a bit off. I'd like to think I improved upon the product, but the image on the left was pretty good as it was.



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