A clone of the clone of the man of steel and the smartest man on Earth in the Suicide Squad series. Part 3

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Today we will talk about the continuation of the history of the Match.

If someone has not seen the previous parts, then follow the link:

The action takes place on the Task Force X Island, the location of which is Earth 0. The main character is a member of the Suicide Squad (0). It consists of:

  • Ambush Bug (0)
  • resurrected Culebra (0)
  • Major Force (0)
  • Match
  • Black Siren (3)
  • Nocturna (unknown)

The goal of their new mission is to go to Oa (0) and steal one secret object.

Wearing special spacesuits, the Squad goes to the old Kryptonian ship that Bloodsport (0) stole from Earth 424. The Match declares to Major Force that he does not work for a psycho, which is why both of them and the Ambush Bug receive a powerful electric shock.

After boarding the ship, they fly to the former planet of the Green Lantern Corps (0). During the flight, Nocturna, bringing the main character to his senses, advises him to kill Clifford at some point and arrange everything as an accident. The match thanks Natalia for helping him get back on his feet. The latter tells the main character that she is not indifferent to him. The conversation is interrupted by Irwin, which is why the Match regrets that he prevented Zmeck from killing the first one.

Activating the cloaking device, the team lands on the destroyed Oa. Major Force says that the prison they are going to is under a nearby lake. When the Suicide Squad plunges there, they are attacked by Yehdioag (0) and Green Lantern (Jo Mullein) (0), who protects this sector and came to arrest the first. Schwab and Clifford teleport to the prison, and the rest of the team, taking control of Yehdioag, distract Jo. When Tsmek breaks out of the prison trap, the Squad learns that the Ambush Bug is returning to the ship and is about to abandon his comrades. Fortunately, the team manages to escape from the planet in full force. Irwin introduces the Suicide Squad to the kidnapped prisoner, whom he named Yorick (0), after which he explains that he is making changes to the ship's defense to protect everyone from the attacking Thanagarians (0). The latter blow up the rocket. Fortunately, the team and Yorick manage to survive. Defeating the Thanagarians, the main character and Mitternacht think about how to get out of the Suicide Squad, remaining alive. When the Squad and Yorick deal with the Thanagarians, Mullein unexpectedly appears and takes them prisoner.

The Green Lantern puts them in the prison they need, known as "Sciencell 0803". All the cameras in it neutralize the abilities of the entire team. The match ends up in the same cell with Nocturna. Left alone, they make love. The Suicide Squad frees their restored ship, which is remotely controlled by Yorick. Returning to Earth, the team realizes that their target was the Black Hand (0).

During the flight, the main character promises Natalia that they will find a way to leave the Squad alive.

I hope you enjoy it.


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