The evil and cruel animated version of Superman in the series "Dark Nights: Death Metal"

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Now you will find out what happened to Lord Superman after the animated appearance.

The action takes place on Post-Crisis (Pre-Flashpoint) Earth called "A Better World". A spaceship called Ultima Thule appears in front of the Kal-El. Having entered there, he meets the inhabitants of other Earths. As a result, it becomes a member of a team called the Supermen of the Multiverse. They include:

  • Superman (New)
  • Captain Marvel (5)
  • Overman (10)
  • Superman (22)
  • President Superman (23)
  • Superman (30)
  • Savior (34)
  • Mr. Majestic (50)
  • Apollo (50)
  • Superman (D)
  • Sunshine Superman (Dreamworld)
  • Hyperius
  • Ultimo
  • Guardsman
  • Optiman
  • Overman (unknown)
  • Supremo

Having found the Anti-Monitor (0) (the ordinary Multiverse), Supermen attack him. Using the local version of the "Anti-Life equation", Uxas takes all the heroes of this dark world, including the main character, under his control, and then destroys all the people. Thus, Darkseid becomes the ruler of this world.

A few months later, Superman (Kal-El) (0) (the ordinary Multiverse) enters this version of the New Earth. The heroes knock him out and take him hostage. Uxas's plan is for his servants to throw Kal-El (0) (the ordinary Multiverse) into a special pit, in which he was reborn as the Last Son of Darkseid. At the last moment, he is pulled out of this world by Superboy-Prime (the ordinary Multiverse).

When Uxas leaves the Dark Multiverse, the heroes are left waiting for their ruler.

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