Fossilised Goblin Skull (with remnant soft tissue)

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Still embedded in the surrounding stone, this fossilised skull has been separated from the goblin’s torso. Damage from a smashing weapon (club, mace) is evident.

This unique image of a fossilised goblin head, with remnant soft tissue still intact, was discovered by Dren Fusil, an amateur xenopalaeontologist on Gerran IX before the mass firestorms on that planet as a consequence of the Stral War in CE 2312.

Dren Fusil, formerly of Scout/Exploratory, returned to the site of the discovery a decade after the catastrophic firestorms but was unable to discover any trace of the find.

Due to the poor quality of the scant evidence, a large segment of the xenopalaeontologist community believe the image to be a clever forgery.

Despite this, the original image resides in the highly respected Cluster Institutional Museum of Xenocontacts in Centauri A. See


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