Cosmic Creations - Alien Habitats

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After a long break (I´m still alive) here are four new 1/1 NFT artworks.
They are so called alien habitats special structures for alien energy beings.

In the vast reaches of the universe, far beyond our event horizon, there existed an advanced civilization of extraterrestrial bodyless energy beings. Their architecture was unlike anything humanity had ever encountered an awe inspiring fusion of organic forms where their conciousness could travel in near lightspeed.


Alienhabitat rrs-c45-l8-2396-L232 NFT available here - an audiovisual loop with fractal 3d renderings from 2013/2014 combined with a 2023 AI VAPE sound-track.


Despite their unfathomable advancements, the aliens in the beehive cluster ngc 2632 possessed a profound respect for the natural world. They understood their place within the universe and recognized the delicate balance that sustained all life.


Their architecture was a testament to this understanding, integrating seamlessly into the cosmic tapestry, rather than imposing upon it.


Alienhabitat NGC2632 beehive cluster NFT available here -3D fractal animation rendered 2014 with psychedelic tree of life audio vibes created with mubertAI 2023.

Within these architectural marvels, billions of aliens coexisted in harmony. Their physiology and appearance were reflecting the boundless possibilities of evolution. Each being possessed unique sensory organs, capable of perceiving the cosmic energy of the structures they live in.


The fractal habitat is not confined to individual abodes but a part of a collective ecosystem. Clusters of interconnected chambers served as global network of conciousness, fostering a deep sense of community and shared purpose.


alienhabitat-pcxi-s9-2632-xfd NFT available here 3D animation - audiovisual loop


This massive alien habitat stretched across light-years, a sprawling network of quazillions of interconnected structures, constantly evolving and morphing, adapting to the needs of the bodyless inhabitants who seems to live in energetic symbiosis with their habitat. technique: 3d Mandelbulb fractal animation rendered 2013 with AI-trance sound compiled 2023 - format mp4 fullHD - loopable


alienhabitat-XL432 NFT available here 3D animation audiovisual loop

In the depths of the cosmos, these alien habitats stood as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the beauty that could be born from the harmonious union of nature and technology. It urged them to venture beyond the familiar and seek answers among the stars, for within the vastness of the universe, new wonders and unimaginable discoveries awaited those who dared to dream.