onlineart session at NFT showroom with @aemile-kh

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The onlineart birthday livestream last night was great fun. special guest @aemile-kh provided different pieces of his interesting archaic style. Here are some results.

AemileKH x ElGeko - onlineart 10/2021

I worked on 3 different pieces and animated them. two are finished allready the third needs a bit of "post production" this is my favorite from this session:::

snakes and worms (work titel)


Alienhoney a.k.a. @juliakponsford saved the night with some colorful remixes like this one.

AemileKH x Alienhhoney - onlineart 10/2021

time went by fast and after 2 and a half hours I moved to @r0ndon´s livestream at PAL server.

Next onlineart session will be announced later: "Drop your selfie - instant remixes"

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Awesome! I love it

very psychoactive