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RE: My sketching experiment - My First Love - Mother

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I was not able to reply in the morning because I was out of resource credits. My resources were not revived till then. I took an idea from another sketch, but I used my own time and materials to complete this drawing. This is not a print out of that sketch which i have posted here. I made it myself just like many people sing the same songs of a singer but in their own voice. That is also not considered as plagism. So, how can this be considered as a plagism? Plus I am new on hive so I had no idea of giving the source credit as I have made it on my own, using my time, my resources and my energy. I do aplogise as I had no intention to defraud anyone. It's just that I literally had no idea of mentioning the source credit in a drawing which I made on my own. So, I thought it would not be considered as plagism. And, if this is about giving source credit (of which I had no idea), I'll edit my post and mention the source link as soon as my hive resource credits get revived.


Thank you for replying. Please update the post when you can to give credit to the original artist. People on Hive do take plagiarism and content copying very seriously.

Yes, I have duly updated the post with the source credit link. What I did was not with any intention of plagism. I hope you understand. And I hope that this issue will not create any problem for me in future again so that I can continue posting on hive with my other posts.

Okay. I hope you understand that when rewards are involved you have to be very clear about whether it is an original work. I contacted the artist and she was not happy about her work being copied like this. I think it's a little different with music as it is generally obvious if it is a cover.

Just bear this in mind. It would be better to do something original anyway. I do post my own music too.

Hive can seem strange at first. Please do not be put off.