From Trash to Treasure

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This image was a serious of unexpected events and a group effort.

My school mate bought an old film camera and I sold him film for it to get started with. I gave it to him when we were going to do a shoot where he was assisting, I was modelling and another school friend was shooting. I had forgotten that while I was posing for the fancy mirrorless camera, I was also in frame for the film camera for a few frames.

Fast forward a month to this week when we got to the darkroom to learn how to develop film. It turned out that my mates camera had malfunctiones and piled all the photos almost on top of each other, 36 images where maybe 8 would fit. He chucked the film to trash right on the stop.

Next morning me and yet another class mate dug out the film to look at it better. We were hoping to find some fun multiple exposures, and we sure did. I didn’t even realise at first it was me in the pictures so it was a fun surprise. We thought it looked real artsy and decided to, against the photographers wishes, to enlarge this piece of the film.

I think it turned out awesome!


Film is gold, I hope we see more what you was find there 😅👌👌👌🍺

I need to start shooting more film but I always forget!

You need to think less and walk lot more out to find photos :))

It IS awesome. The multiverse of Eve's mind. Always pondering.

Well I didn’t really create it, I was just in the pictures, camera malfunctioned and I fought to save the film because I wanted the pic for myself 😁

Hahaha.. How COOL was that! Excellent find. Definitely NOT trash. That was one cool mistake. I miss my film and the dark room. 😌

I’m happy I got to keep this little piece as a memento. Have you had your own dark room at some point?

OH YESSS this is why analog can be the REAL treasure in photography <3

It’s so much fun when not taken too seriously. I’d never shoot film for any paid gig 😅