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RE: 🚪 Turning Trash into a Time Machine ♻️ Building Guerrilla Art in the Park

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engagement challenge ended

unfortunately nobody copied the plans into the comments, so I'll have to do this myself... here they are:


not much of a plan, but yeah, you get the idea ;)

@brittandjosie found the plans on Planet Googly herself and left a good hint for everyone else in her comment, which nobody picked up... but I did get a whole lot of really great engaging and entertaining comments, so I'll send a bunch of you some SBI: @brittandjosie, @mathowl, @drakernoise, @ddschteinn, @hgn66, @wesphilbin, @thekittygirl, @dreemsteem, thanks for being here!


Hehhehe aw thanks! 🤗 See you again on PYPT??

Not sure if I can make it actually, I've also received conflicting information on whether that's going to be at 3 or 4 pm UTC ... either way... I might be on the road at the time but I'll see if I can catch it!