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RE: I got Steemit some mainstream press - more on the way!

in #art4 years ago

Hey, @drwatson.

Congratulations! Victories, large, small or in between are still victories, right?

Definitely need to scroll, but well worth it. Good luck with the next interview and everything moving forward.


Yeah, that was a helluva scroll! How did Ithaqa get placed lower than the article about new dog poo ordinances! 💩

Hey, @bryan-imhoff.

Good question! I was impressed that it managed to make it in there at all, really, given all the other kinds of stories they had. Woman killed, etc. I used to own and publish two very small community newspapers on a weekly basis, so I've had some experience with story placement. Online you generally scroll through the whole of it until you get to the bottom, which means in a printed paper, Ithaqa was probably the penultimate or last page. If I had been doing it, it would have been at least in the middle where our features generally went, and opposite the sports page, where a lot of attention would be. :)

You see now my current city's priorities, haha