Polygon Brownie

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Those of you who know me on Hive, know about my special little friend Brownie.


Last week, a very special and talented Hivean, @animal-shelter, posted an offer to create a portrait of the first five pets submitted in a new style she was working to master called low-poly. Here is her post with details about the offer. I thought it sounded like an great idea, so I submitted the above photo of Brownie.

As promised, a few hours ago, @animal-shelter posted this portrait of Brownie.

poly brownie.jpg

I think she did an amazing job capturing the spirit of Brownie in this polygon style. Here is @animal-shelter's post with the artwork. Please take a moment and stop by to give her an upvote and share a kind word congratulating her for the wonderful picture she created.


This is great
@animal-shelter you did so great in this
I'm loving it
I'll love to see more of this dear
Nice work

Very cool, animal-shelter did an amazing job.

She certainly did!

like it

The dog is beautiful. The portrait is amazing

Wow, Brownie is looking very cute in this portrait and later it developed very specific look, she is always preety good looking and attitude too.

I will go upvote for sure. That is an amazing picture. Love the art.

Thank you! @animal-shelter is an amazing person who has devoted her life to caring for unfortunate animals of all kinds in the Ukraine. She can use all the support she can get.

I'm with you
It's a great piece

She really did an amazing job definitely

Yay! 🤗
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