Paint paint paint

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Work in progress, bitch.

After a few days of feeling like dying, I finally started working on another digital painting. This is from my series "These Daisies Will Suffocate You" and I will write about it once I finished them all. There are 6 paintings for that (which was originally oil paintings but due to COVID, I had to make them all digital) and now I am in the 3rd work. Hopefully I could finish before 2020 ends but I don't think I could cos there's only a few days left. Time flies so fast! T_T

I also missed attending HiveFest due to conflicting schedules and also not feeling that well to attend. But I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hopefully next year we could all travel and see each other in person :D

Also lol, those are my mom's plants that I stole got from her just so I could have some green inside my room. The one on the left is a spider plant and I didn't know cats eat that wtf haha! I researched it and it says that plant is hallucinogenic (kinda similar to catnip) that's why cats like it. But there are some side effects like vomiting, and that explains a puke that I found. -_-

The other plant, dunno what happened to it lol. She also wanted it to put in my room to check if its condition will be better with me. :p I think it's doing well though.

Hoping to share the final work soon!


Great to see your work!

And fuck off the pressure to finish before 2020 ends, just do it as you wish. If it's over by June 2021 but you're fine with it, great!

Thank you! Oh it's just personal preference really haha! I want to be organized or start fresh in 2021 (using it as a symbol or whatever) so I very much prefer to finish all my work for this year so I could move on to new ones in the new year. <3 I agree with you though, an artist should do whatever he/she/they/it wishes. :D

If it's how you wish, than it's just perf hahaha
totally understand, I try to do the same. Right now I'm on the process of accepting I won't make it, though, so this comment is for both you and me hahahah

Happy new year <3

There's enough time for you to do it whenever though. Happy new year!

The plants look cute! Good luck with your work!