I went further, and graphics won

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Hi, guys!

Yesterday I went on working with the first character concept, you can see the first steps in previous post. It's a tricky thing, as I said yesterday, and I say it again today.

You know, what& At some point I got so mentally exhausted that a fun thing happened. I drew him in 3|4 foreshortening, than in full face, and than in profile. First two were OK, than somethin went wrong (and worst part is - it will be in a time laps I plan to upload in next few days). I built the face up, than added facial parts, but still something was wrong. I kept looking, changed the size of the head, changed the chin, lips, ear - everything, and only after twenty minutes of suffering I understood, that I simply drew the whole face in profile, but the eye was in full face foreshortening! Call me Pablo now, yep.

Talking about the general progress - it goes on. Slower, than I hoped, there's really lots of work there, but still I feel inspired and hope that everything will come out just fine. I hope in next few days I'll start working with frames, not forgetting to work with characters concept art. There're still five of them if we talk about main characters, and oooops - one goblin as well.

So, our druid concept so far:

See you in the next post!

Love, Inber


Hello Inber, your art skills are amazing! Don't get bothered with lack of success in the progress, look at that as a process for your own improvement. If you think about it, it was hell of a complicated thing for you as a baby to learn to walk. Now you do it without even thinking about it.

If you reach your creative block, take a break, go for a walk, play with your pets for example or something similar. The very next day, with pure mind, you'll be able to do much more in 2 hours than you would in the whole day when you're not feeling it.

The whole concept is very good and I wish you the best ending results you expected with your projects. I encourage you to work further, better and easier. Wish you all the best and many more of similar cool projects 💚

Thank you for encouragement:)