GOTH GIRL 2017 vs 2019 / illustration process/ + GIF

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Hey! How about everything Steemit ?. This time I am excited to show you the process I did to make my most recent illustration !.

Before starting...

This illustration was a "redraw" of one of my illustrations that I liked most of 2017. I decided to take it as a reference and renew it for 2019, demonstrating the change I have made in my skills to draw and graphically represent something.


Let's start with the process!

In the first instance, make a sketch with a red pencil on thick paper or cardboard. Then I started with the watercolors. Giving very light skin tones and layer upon layer, saturate the color to the point you wanted. Also start the hair with layers of pure black, leaving blank space for illuminations.

With the technique of watercolors, it is important to go apoco. Giving very soft color and then intensify by superimposing layers. In this way I darkened the face, the hair and applied the color to the clothes.


2017 vs 2019


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Very nice, @jeanstevenn! I love seeing these kinds of posts with artists re-doing a theme or a drawing that they did a while ago and then showing off improvements :D And you certainly have grown! I really like how your 2019 girl retains the 'vibes' of the original 2017 girl, in terms of looks and expression, but your anatomy, your style, and your colours have all improved markedly :D Really cool~

thank u so much!!!! i worked so hard for do my style of illustration more cool or aesthetic idk. Over time can be notorious and relevant in mi style of draw

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