Art Explosion Week 43 Winners! The theme was MYTHOLOGY! 50 SBD in prizes!

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We have chosen the winners for week 43 of ART EXPLOSION, the theme this week was MYTHOLOGY, there were an incredible number of fantastic entries :D @vachemorte and I have finished our deliberations are are proud to announce 8 prizes again this week! The total prize pool is 50 SBD thanks to @curie adding to the pool :)

Our first place winner this week is @kwenkwennnn for this enchanting art called ELEN OF THE WAYS, they win 20 SBD!

In second place @ediblecthulhu for this great piece, Zeus throwing lightening! They win 10 SBD!

In third is @oscurity for KRAKEN THE MONSTER which is terrifying. he wins 5 SBD!

We have 5 honorable mentions this week who win 3 SBD each:






We congratulate all the winners and want to thank each and every one of you for entering! The creative minds of Steemit continue to impress us! The next theme will be going up tomorrow and payments will be going out in the next day or two! Much love to you all for being so wonderfully creative!


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Hmm good bot :D

Congratulations, I hope you have a great time ... very good art guys.

I wanted very much to participate but I didn't find time to post a new drawing... still I kind of posted one oldie in the mood of it even if not participating.

There's always the next one !

Sure thing, once I sit down to paint I get hilariously absorbed and the world vanish just need to find the time to do so

Congrats to the Winners - great Entries all the way - cool Artists :-)

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL, especially to my friend @ediblecthulhu I loved his work. Thanks to: @juliakponsford and @curie for their hard work. I give everyone an advice I remember on one occasion that a person said to me: "Do not waste time drawing you have no talent" ... THOSE WORDS led me to be what I am today ... OF THE NEGATIVE THINGS OF THE LIFE YOU CAN GET OUT OF ADVANTAGE ... :D

Thanks for the shout out my friend, and congrats! :D Your Kraken still gives me the chills! Awesome!

Congratulations winners! Great picks again! 😍💕 Love it! X

Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you Julia, vachemorte and curie for the contest. I had fun ^_^.


muy contento. maravillosas entradas, saludos a todos los participantes.

Omg!!! I won first place? Thank you so much! This is unbelievable. Thank you!!! This is the first time that I won in an art contest.

Congrats you have a very cool style!

Thank you! I'll continue joining your contests. I hope you'll find my works nice.

I'm honored and thrilled! :D The artexplosion galleries always look great but this one was epic! Thank you @juliakponsford as always for the fun contest, and thank you @vachemorte for contributing to the judging and the prize pool, and thank you @curie for contributing to the prize pool! Congrats to everyone on the incredible art! <3

Thank you the judging is never easy there are so many amazing entries! Congrats!

Congratulations to this week's winners! The drawings they made are fantastic I love how well they look all :)

congratulations winners!

Congratulations to all the Winners !! Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity, and delighted to see so much talent, applause for all the participants

congratulations to all the winners

Hello @juliakponsford, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

Thanks guys, much appreciated :)

My Congratulations to all the winners, the topic was really amazing therefore so many variety of artwork.

Thank you for organizing such contest @juliakponsford, @minnowsupport and @curie. It was a pleasure to take a part in it :)

Wow that 1st prize truly deserves it. Still looks lovely. 👍 All the rest are fantastic too.

Ah inspiration...

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