Making of mermaid or who doesn't want to be mermaid

in #art4 years ago (edited)

I must admit that Steemit made me to leave my original stick portraits and to go into world of fantasy again. Also I must confes that two person here somehow were ''guilty'' for that :) Thanks @leoplaw and @reinhard-schmid for beautiful comments, sharing and posting your art. You guys made me go back to fantasy world I haven't visited so long. And as every girl once dreamt just for a second, I bet, to be a mermaid, I decided to fulfill that wish here.

So here is birth of mermaid.

sirena 6.jpg

First step, drawing. Paper I took wasn't the one I love to work the most. Canson multimedia, 200 gr, but it turned ok at the end.


Adding color,started with orange and yellow, adding some ochre and naples yellow


Slowly going into details


Adding blue color for background. Here I tested my new Schmike academia small pan ultramarine finest, and totally felt in love. Great colors.


Some final touches, working on hair, adding some Van Dayk brown, violet and purple with red and orange.


And here she is finaly, ready to dive into blue :)

sirena 6.jpg


Gorgeous! This left me speechless for a while. Such a talent!

Thank you @m31, you yourself are doing good work, just keep working :)

Wow wonderful , thank you for searing with us....!

nice art work! my artwork is only in Photoshop the vector art! i love drawing and painting just watching them.thanks for you post i'm now following you!

Thank you @marlon241982 for your comment.

That beautiful flowing red hair reminds me of the work of one of my favourite artists John William Waterhouse. I like your inclusion of the scales up her back.

Thank you @opheliafu, I truly enjoyed working this one. And yes, I do love to do detailed hair :)

Wow! This is a wonderful picture. Are you talented :)

beautiful painting :)

Very beautiful - upvoted!

Thanks so much for sharing @jungwatercolour Awesome.
I love being creative and tend to digital work to expand my skills. :)

her face reminds me of the legendary "girl with the pearl earring" Johannes Vermeer

wow, what a compliment :) thank you so much @sanja.janev

The details around the eyes are extraordinary. Thanks for sharing. Followed!

Thank you so much @wernertek, I do take time on eyes, love to work on them.

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Truly beautiful, I love seeing each stage as it comes into focus.
Thank you so much for sharing your process!

Terribly sorry, but I don't know how one gets informed of mentions... found this by accident. Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful mastery of this not so easy technique 🙂

@reinhard-schmid, thank you, it's always good to hear from someone you consider a great artist saying something nice about your work. And as regards mentions and other information, don't mind, I still don't now how all works here either :)