Galaxy Posca Pen Art

in #art4 years ago

Now that I've gotten a hang of my new posca markers, I decided to experiment a little with this illustration.

After laying down a blue base for her skin, I took my handy-dandy cheap-o makeup sponges (I normally use them to do gradients or other designs for nail art) to get the galaxy look.

I painted on some of the purple marker onto the sponge and oh so carefully, dabbed it on. Then I went back and forth between applying spots of the blue and spots of the purple.

But I wasn't done; I felt like the markers shades I had were a little too limiting. So I broke out my dark blue ink, and used the sponge to splotch on some darker spots.

I also blended in the ink of my go to drawing pen to shade in the darkest parts on her body.

Lastly, I used a white pen to draw on the stars and constellations.

In case you guys are curious, here are all of the ingredients I used to make this drawing:
Blue & Purple markers from the Posca Paint markers, natural set
Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay India Ink
Pilot Pocket Brush Pen
Sakura Gelly Roll pen


If you'd like to keep up with more of my work you can check me out at the following:

Instagram: @la.fumettista
Twitter: @TheresaChiechi


This is such an amazing looking piece, those blues are just awesome and the way you blended things, just really beautiful.

You have become the Posca-Queen!

Can't stop, won't stop

Why do acapella groups make everything infinitely better??

Reminds me of my favorite cover band haha

yaaaas! So good! Someday I'll go see them live

So beautiful ! Simple pose but very pretty and magical <3 Love the galaxy on her body and love love her long flowing pink hair <3 Really, i love your posca arts * ___ *

Thanks! I saw a lot of illustrations where someone's hair or outfit was galaxy but I didn't see any others that did it this way. And thank you, I ain't stopping anytime soon with the markers so hopefully you don't get tired of seeing them lol

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A simple but effective design. I love the stars on her body, and her long pink hair complements it very well.          
I think it's a great and successful experiment, especially with the blue colour for the skin :D.          

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Love this, it has such a mid century feel to it and I'm obsessed with mid century illustrations and graphics. The colours too!

Oh, you're so right! I feel like it's b/c these markers have a very gouache feel.

What a fantastic looking illustration, love the colors, the blending, the sparkles, the ... everything!

note to myself, go find out more about posca markers

Thank you!! Go buy them, they are life changing.

Buena ilustración a basa de marcadores ;)

I really love the galaxy-skin effect! I was actually writing something to that effect in Ithaqa Issue 4 a few weeks back, haha

Thanks! And oh boy, I'll get my posca markers ready XD

So beautiful. I always enjoy seeing nature symbolized in a feminine form.

ONG!! I love it!!!💙💙

Oooh! Pretty! I don't know why, exactly, but it gives me a kind of Leiji Matsumoto vibe. The styles really aren't the same, but there's something about it.