Inktober Day 4 // Black Eyed Children

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Don't let them in.

I wish I had the energy to talk more about the subject of my fourth Inktober drawing but, to be honest, I am so exhausted. So I'm gonna give you the sparknotes:

Day 4 was of the terrifying black-eyed children, an urban legend that truly sends chills down my spine every time I hear about it. Basically, it's the recent phenomenon where people, whether alone in a car or in their homes, are approached by two seemingly normal children. The person is filled with an overwhelming sense of dread as the kids asked to be let inside...and yet they feel utterly compelled to oblige to their request. It's then that they notice that the kid's eye are pitch black. The lucky ones snap out of the trance and tell the kids to go away. But the other ones, they're never heard from again...

Actually, I don't know what happens! All the reddit stories and creepypastas have the narrators tell the kids to, "scram" so I don't really know what the consequences are of letting them into your home.

Here are some links to more in-depth stories/explanations of the urban legend, if you're curious to know more:

That's all I got for tonight!

For those of you who want to participate in Inktober, here are the prompt lists I am loosely working off of:

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This is so awesome and creepy! I included it in my weekly curation Ocean of Art: Inktober edition!

Thank you! I'm honored :)

Aw, these pair are ADORABLE, my witches will let them in :) For tea and cakes and brains ;)

When I read the word Creepypastas. I remember all the things that I had watched and read. I am having a goosebumps.

Oh they are nice people I let them in once and they made me cookies!

This is an awesomely creepy art, Theresa. It reminds me of a very scary painting about two kids standing near the door, maybe it's part of the urban legend that you're talking about.
The mat is pretty self explanatory, though one look at them pretty sure nobody is going to let them in XD.

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I have to forget this story as I won't be able to sleep! :) The kids on your drawing look adorable, until you see their alien eyes of course!

Thank you for sharing!

omg i love creepypastas and i love your drawing of the black eyed children, theresa <3 their expressions are just so nicely done ! unsettling and wonderful !

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