Pond art using faber castell ECO[ blending colors ]

in #art4 years ago

"The frog does not drink up the pond in which he lives"

Im not a pro when it comes to art and colorings, this is just a basic. I will show up how did i color up this beautiful pond. Right down..

I started with this picture, the colorless picture of the pond in my coloring book.

First, I used the green on the center on the leaf, the yellow color at the tip part of the petals.

It takes 45 minutes for me to finish this, even I didn't draw the pond before I put the colors on it. Maybe I need more practice:) I appreciate your time visiting my posts, see you soon:)

Thank you for stopping by.....


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thank you mate 🤗

Wow! This looks so cute. thank you so much for sharing your artwork. 🙂

thank you sir <3

I like it! The semi-realistic leaf and the water looks good together :D

I'm glad you like it 😊thank you, sir


oh my apologies ma'am hehe... nice gif though 🤣

Hahaha no worries! :D