The Beauty of Koa wood

in #art6 years ago


This amazing work of art was crafted out of a single piece of Koa wood. Something highly prized here in Hawaii for centuries. I was fortunate enough to snap a shot of this on our visit to the Honolulu Modern Museum of art. The colors and wood grains are incredible and a bowl like this can fetch several thousands of dollars. I have tried working with Koa before. I bought over five hundred dollars worth of tools and cut a slab out of the old Koa tree that had been growing in our yard for the last twenty five years. I remember when my mom planted the little sapling. It had grown to be so magnificent with all its twists and turns, mushrooms were growing out of it and there were birds living in its canopy. I was sad when my Dad decided to cut it down but decided I was going to make the best of it. Easier said than done I tell you. Koa wood is very dense and hard and you can be sanding for hours and really not get very far. Maybe why its so expensive besides the fact that it is so pleasing to look it with all its amazing colors. I may not have made very much but I certainly did develop a new appreciation for those who are able to make things out of this amazing wood. One of the wood workers I know ages his pieces of koa in weird sludge bags so that it molds a certain way developing darker patches in the grain. I guess his way of seasoning the wood. I am sure there are many secrets that master wood workers could share. One could only imagine.