Learn how to create a gift box with paper tubes

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Greetings to all my dear family of Steemit. In this opportunity, I want to show you how to make a beautiful and original gift box, taking advantage of the recycling materials, the toilet paper tubes.


On special dates we want to give our loved ones a detail, but we do not have a bag or box where we can keep the gift.

Well, do not give up, the solution is in your hands, with recycled material. And so you help your pocket to save a little.

Below the materials and the step by step:

The materials to use:

  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Cutter or exact
  • Gift wrap or magazine.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Silicone rod
  • Glue gun
  • Fabric tape
  • Optional decorative flower.


So let's create!!!

Step 1

To obtain the pieces that will allow us to assemble our cylindrical gift box, we must take 2 tubes of toilet paper, but only one of the tubes will mark the following measurements, with the help of the ruler and a pencil at one end 4 centimeters long and at the other end of the paper tube we will mark 3 centimeters long and then proceed to remove the pieces with the exact.

paso uno.jpg

Step 2

How to cover our recycling tubes: We will take a piece of wrapping paper or magazine paper in my case, we will use wrapping paper.

  • The paper tube has a height of 9.5 centimeters and I use a paper of 12 centimeters high x 10 centimeters wide.
    First add around the paper tube white glue and immediately to cover it, place the wrapping paper, then with the scissors cut the remaining paper from the surroundings.

  • Then we will take the piece that we cut of 3 centimeters and with the help of the scissors we will make a straight cut applying glue for one of the faces and cover it with the gift paper, do not forget to cut the excess of paper the surroundings. This piece is very important, it will allow us to perfectly close our gift box. Do not forget to apply a little glue inside the coated tube, 2 centimeters from the edge so that when placing the piece is well secured.

paso dos.jpg

paso  dos punto uno.jpg

Step 3

How to make the lid of the cylindrical gift box.

  • Use the cardboard of a shoe box. Remove 2 pieces of cardboard and over the cardboard, to make the top, place the cylindrical paper tube and with a pencil or trace marker around and then, with the help of the scissors, cut until you get the 2 pieces.
  • Then apply glue for one of the faces of the pieces, cover with the wrapping paper and cut the excess paper from the surroundings.

paso tres.jpg

  • Then, stick the end of our coated tube, the cardboard lined circle so that this gift box is taking shape.

paso cuatroooooo.jpg

Step 4

Take the 4 cm lined piece and place the glue around the top and immediately place the lined cardboard circle. To give it a different touch, take a piece of ribbon to make a small tie, with the help of the hot silicone gun, add some glue in the center of the cap and stick the tie and a flower, this little detail will indicate The person where the chest should be removed.

You will have a nice top for your gift box.

paso cinco.jpg

Obtained Result

Resultado Final.jpg

The realization of this beautiful creation will take you little time. And I assure you that the result will enchant you. This beautiful piece will allow you to keep inside details such as: lipsticks, candy, bracelets, tendrils, etc. This time I used a floral paper, because the honoree loves flowers

And you can play with the measurements and create with the toilet paper tubes, small or large boxes. I leave everything to your imagination. I hope this publication is of great help to you and that you can reuse the recycling materials.

Creating is also fun.!.


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