[Patience, Dear Heart]

in #art5 years ago

Inspired by cat’s cradle and mirror spiders. She’s done in colored pencils, pastels, ink, iridescent and gold pigments.DB69EB83-E21C-4E8E-99F2-773BB4540F0E.jpegI love the way the pigments catch the light. EE7F06F5-7B0A-4DA8-A9C9-338D9DC9FC75.jpegMirror spiders are amazing! (This is not my photo, I was certainly inspired by it though!)

This is my progress video. Music: “Glimmer of Hope” by Quixotic


This is insaaaaaaneee! Love to see some detail shots, this is so good!!

Wow! Thank you so much!

Very beautyful work!